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Trick Art! You are Part of the Exhibition!

This is a fantastic 3D art exhibition not to miss! If you enjoy fun photography, or if your children do, be sure to add this in if you plan a visit to the South this Summer! 

This year’s exhibit will be held at Hakunchia Arena היכל הקונכייה in Beer Sheva from 2-31st August 2017.

Come and take part in an imaginary, magical and hypnotic world – that bursts out at you!

You are invited to fly in the sky, fight the monsters, land in the jungle, dive with whales, or enter a wonderful room that will enlarge and shrink you.

Trick Art is a unique exhibition, different than anything you have seen. It will deceive your brain, take you to magical and surprising worlds and allow you to create your own unique fantasy.

Trick Art requires you, the visitor to participate and take photos! DO NOT FORGET A CAMERA! This is an inseparable part of the exhibition. Trick Art is designed to fill your photo album with dozens of magical and surprising images. The exhibition will feature a variety of interactive, wonderful and spectacular attractions, based on brain delusions and optical illusion, suitable for the entire family. In the complex you will find dozens of huge, spectacular 3D paintings, painted on the walls and floor, which come to life and invite you to enter.

In addition, you will find the ‘big-small room’: a wonderful room where a person standing in one corner becomes a giant, while the person standing in the other corner looks like a dwarf. The moment they move from one side of the room to the other, their size will radically change.

Every visitor will receive a booklet with tips on how to get the best photographs and there will be arrows on the floor to mark exactly where to stand and where to take the photos to maximize on the quality with appropriate lighting.

Use your imagination; Walk around the images and crawl, climb and photograph and create your own unique illusion. You are part of the exhibition!

And do not forget – shoot and share them all! Suitable for all ages! This Trick art will play with your mind!

Call *8949 – shefa Hafakot for tickets or online

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