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Tour Adumim - Pesach 2024

Updated: Mar 29

Looking to make special memories, with fun and exciting activities in the Adumim region -stress free?! Read on..!

Tour Adumim will coordinate a fun-filled day for you in the Judean Desert Region of Maale Adumim, just outside of Jerusalem, at no cost, so that you and your family can have a fantastic worry free day!

Choose between a variety of family activities:

Camel riding or full 1.5 hour program at Eretz Bereshit ( Genesis Land)

Honey Making Workshop

Mezuzah Making Workshop

Art Museum Scavenger Hunt

Agricultural Kibbutz Tour

ATV /Jeeping,

Bedouin hospitality,


plus spectacular lookouts and museums programs.

Programs can be "independent" or with personal accompaniment.

Taking bookings for any time before, during or after Pesach!

For more information, reservations, contact Shelley:

Phone: 054-5275404

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