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Tomo Candy Workshop

Rock candy! Beautiful, delicious, Kosher LeMehadrin, gluten free, vegan friendly, rock candy. You are invited to experience this fun and interactive candy making workshop!

This is a great, educational and fun experience for the whole family and also fantastic as team building activities for companies and groups.

During our workshops, participants witness and actively take part in the whole fascinating process of candy making, starting from first stages of pouring the candy on the table, its coloring, and cooling, through its kneading, stretching, construction and right up to the final stages of its cutting, packaging, branding and tasting of course!

😊 During workshops participants construct their very own lollipops in different shapes, and together as a group construct unique candies with a shape inside. Each participant receives their lollipops and 2 jars of candies prepared during the workshop.

Our workshops last for approximately 1.5 hours, are interactive, hands on and a great experience to do as a family or as a team building activity.

Location: HaHaroshet St. 19 (Keidar center), Ra'anana, Israel

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