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Thousands of Israelis watched the Perseid Meteor Shower this year!

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

There was such a buzz and excitement for this year's meteor shower. So many of you found dark spots to catch a glimpse of the night sky in action last week!

Star Man Ira Machefsky, who wrote this article about the Perseid Shower also starred in this news piece, filmed by I24 News on 12th August - the peak night of the meteor shower! Watch it below!

Did you go to watch? Let us know in the comments!

Here are a few of the experiences from people in the LoveloveIsrael FB group! Click to read more! ...and bookmark for next year!

As you can see, the Ramon crater is not the only place you can get a great viewing!

We drove out to Tekoa daled, walked about 30 minutes past heh towards the desert, watched the beautiful starry sky for about an hour. Two out of three of us saw one meteor each. Chana Staiman

We drove to the Dead Sea and went up to the top of Mitzukei dragot. There were a lot of people parked up there along the way. We arrived close to 12 and we saw double digits of meteors. Definitely recommend for a free spot that you can drive to relatively close (it’s before Ein gedi). Nechama Rausman

Did the tour with the famous Ira Machefsky. It is in machtesh ramon near the alpaca farm. Lots of shooting stars. Very worth while! Rachel Seliger

For those in the Golan this week: we went to (waze) חניון דליות walk a bit past the picnic tables and tents on the jeep trail and put down our mat and matresses for GD's light show. We saw maybe 6-7 falling stars but just the whole night sky was amazing. Aliza Avshalom

Went to Tel Arad last night - arrived at 6pm - an hour and 20min from Modiin. Great camping site. From there, walked up to the Tel with a bit less light (but could also watch from the camping site). Saw about 20 meteors or so (until midnight). Air was beautiful (coldish). Suddenly at 11:30pm/12am the air got hazy with moisture in the air. But, it was amazing place and weather and everything. Rhea Plosker
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