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The WOW Show

Updated: Apr 1, 2020




Recommended by:

The Kayes

‘We love the show’


This time: Jump into the Water! Every day, a fisherman goes out to a blue lake… but today something happens that has never happened before… The fish hook is pulled in and the lake is covered with mystery… The sky turns purple… and out of the water a beautiful nymph rises, on a big hook… part goldfish, part woman, exotic, breathtaking and hypnotic…

On stage – waterfalls, a gigantic transparent water jug… a pirate ship… rain… a huge water pool and other surprises with international virtuosi artists the jump into the water from different heights, dancing, flying… and even splashing water on the audience in the front rows…

As in the past WOW shows WOW Splash includes 3D animation, extravagant costumes, changing settings, big screens and beautiful dance and music. Prepare to be WOWed!

Playing at Isrotel Theater, Isrotel Royal Garden Eilat.

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