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The Ultimate list of Wonderful Workshops in Israel! Part 3

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Israel is bursting with so many things to do – for adults and children alike and LoveLoveIsrael has selected the most highly recommended workshops around Israel that have all been tried and tested!

As Summer approaches it is advisable to book your family or group into a workshop soon to make sure you get the date you want as they will fill up! Also keep in mind that while some of these workshops and by no means cheap, they usually provide entertainment for a range of ages and physical ability, use high quality materials, sharing their skills for sometimes many hours in very intimate groups, and send you home with something to be proud of – so they are worth the investment for a truly special activity!

Here is Part 3 of the Ultimate list of Wonderful Workshops in Israel! Click here to read Part 1Click here to read Part 2!

Don’t forget to leave feedback on the workshops listing so we can hear what you thought!

  1. Hadara’s Ceramics Studio is just off Emek Refaim in Jerusalem. Hadara is super talented and a patient teacher. She will help you create wonderful clay pieces at a workshop suitable for

The Workshop

the whole family! Note that you will need to leave your pieces with her to be fired so factor that in and do it at the beginning of your holiday if you are just here for a short time.

  1. The Workshop Gush Etzion has fast become one of the top attractions in the Gush area! At this two and a half hour workshop you will make special wooden Judaica pieces from scratch – learning real carpentry skills! Just as fun for adults as for children. Suitable for age 6+. 

  2. Bookmaking and Photography Workshop in Ein Vered. This is a unique experience suitable for age 6+. It involves a fun range of related activities, all closely supervised, including binding, stamping, sewing and cutting by hand, and with specialized equipment.

  3. Hasandlaria – Shoe making Workshop is in the Galil. Learn how to make shoes!

  4. Green in the City – Urban Farming Workshop is a fascinating session on the

Clicaso Pottery Painting

rooftop of the Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv. Learn all about growing your own vegetables in simple water boxes! You can even grow them on your balcony. Great for adults and they also run different workshops for children so contact them!

  1. Olya Glass Blowing Studio is near the Beit Shemesh area. Olya is an artist who specializes in glass blowing and offers demonstrations as well as private lessons and workshops. Contact her for more details!

  2. CliCaso is the perfect place to relax and paint pottery pieces! Suitable for all ages. Choose from a huge range of pieces and take your time to finish your masterpiece. You will be able to pick up your pieces a few days later.

Bookmaking Workshop

  1. Clay is my Art by Lesley.  There is something about clay that makes it such a success for people of all ages. At Lesley’s workshop in Nes Ziona you will learn to make your own vessels by hand and using the wheel! She will even come to you if you have a special event.

  2. Blacksmith – Yossi Gur Arye has a unique workshop for all ages, learning how to create items from metal.

  3. Delart – Create art from dried out gourds! Unique creative fun in the Western Galil, in Moshav Beshet. Suitable for age 3 and up.

  4. Leket – Volunteering workshop at the sorting center in Raanana. Book a time throughout the year or during Summer, and help sort out the food ready to distribute to the needy! (Free!)

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