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The Ultimate list of Wonderful Workshops in Israel! Part 2!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Israel is bursting with so many things to do – for adults and children alike – and LoveLoveIsrael has selected the most highly recommended workshops around Israel that have all been tried and tested!

As Summer approaches it is advisable to book your family or group into a workshop soon to make sure you get the date you want as they will fill up! Also keep in mind that while some of these workshops and by no means cheap, they usually provide entertainment for a range of ages and physical ability, use high quality materials, sharing their skills for sometimes many hours in very intimate groups, and send you home with something to be proud of – so they are worth the investment for a truly special activity!

Here is Part 2 of the Ultimate list of Wonderful Workshops in Israel! Click here to read Part 1!

Kakadu Workshop

Kakadu Workshop

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  1. Kakadu! This is a very popular workshop and you will create really artistic pieces for your home even if you have no obvious artistic talent.  Based near Jerusalem, this is great work for group bonding! 10% off for LoveLoveIsrael Card Holders!

  2. Keramikef! Fantastic pottery and glass workshops in Kfar Saba for children as well as adults with incredible discounts for LoveLoveIsrael Cardholders!

  3. Kad Vachomer!  Kad Vachomer is a paint-your-own ceramic studio located in the garden of the Beit Yehudit Community Centre on Emek Refaim Street in Jerusalem. Fun for all ages!

  4. Keyad Hadimyon! Choose from a huge range of ceramics and let your imagination go wild at the ceramic studio in Modiin.



  1. ArteSana Glass Fusing! This is great workshop for all ages, creating beautiful glass pieces. Located in Mevo Choron or at your own venue. 20% off for LoveLoveIsrael Cardholders!

  2. Quilted Glass! Make your own pretty glass art at this lovely workshop in tzfat.

  3. Paint Party Events! A workshop that will come to you! Organize a group of you to get together, and amaze yourself by painting step by step and producing a stunning canvas  you can proudly hang on your wall. Great team bonding activity, party idea or just for fun!

  4. P’tilTechelet! This original workshop takes you through the history and process of snorkeling to find the snails from which the techelet (blue) dye originates for a tallit/tzitizit, and actually see how the dye is made.

  5. Letters and Wonders! (Formerly known as Ktav Tam) This is a lovely and special Sofer workshop in Jerusalem’s old city. Sofer Jamie Shaer (who is an English speaker) will demonstrate real scribing, teaching you about it and giving you a chance to try it yourself. 10% off for LoveLoveIsrael Cardholders!

  6. Otzer Hastam! Located in Tzfat, there are many options here – in particular the scribe

Paint Party

Paint Party

workshop. Watch a genuine scribe at work, up close and personal. Ask any questions you want. And then try your hand at the ancient, sacred calligraphy on an actual sheet of parchment with a real quill and ink jar – no pens allowed!

  1. The Yaar in Raanana mall! This is a workshop of fairytales. Your children can dress up as a fairytale character – knights or fairies as well as others, and they follow a special adventure trail in this beautiful pretend enchanted forest on the bottom floor of the mall in Renanim, Raanana.

  2. Groovesters! This workshop is a great way to escape the heat while you are in the North. You learn how to tie dye and you will create something unique and wonderful that you can actually wear with pride in the future. They can also bring the workshop to you for groups or parties.

  3. Pantry Packers! A unique volunteer opportunity in Jerusalem for tour groups and families. This is great for the whole family.Doubling up as a chessed activity, in this ‘workshop’ you will learn how to work as a team and pack up rice for Israel’s poorest families. A great experience.

Letters and Wonders

Letters and Wonders

  1. Shvil Hasalat! This is an unforgettable hands-on tour where you will learn about and eat a range of fruit and vegetables depending on the season as well as workshop options!

  2. Etz Hamischakim!  A fun indoor play space for all ages – wooden toys for younger children, wood making, craft workshops and other games for older children and plenty of mind-games for the adults too.

  3. Roladin! Roladin offers a range of workshops for children and adults as well as themed workshops around chaggim.

  4. Dan Gourmet School – Learn how to cook like a professional. From age 12+, you get to cook yummy food in a 4 hour workshop and then of course you get to eat it!

  5. Idan Fruits – All sorts of fruit workshops for all ages in the North. For children, they can make chocolate covered fruit, make fruit leather, filldates with nuts, make dried fruit kebabs and more. They also do adult sessions. Call to organize!

  6. Kol Shofar – A unique


Shvil Hasalat

workshop and tour of the process of making and blowing a Shofar!

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