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The Ultimate list of Wonderful Workshops in Israel! Part 1!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Israel is bursting with so many things to do – for adults and children alike and LoveLoveIsrael has selected the most highly recommended workshops around Israel that have all been tried and tested!

As Summer approaches it is advisable to book your family or group into a workshop soon to make sure you get the date you want as they will fill up! Also keep in mind that while some of these workshops and by no means cheap, they usually provide entertainment for a range of ages and physical ability, use high quality materials, sharing their skills for sometimes many hours in very intimate groups, and send you home with something to be proud of – so they are worth the investment for a truly special activity!


Here is the Ultimate list of Wonderful Workshops in Israel! Part 1!

Don’t forget to leave feedback on the workshops listing so we can hear what you thought!

Lol & Pop

Lol & Pop

  1. Lol and Pop! I’m going to start with a brand new masterclass workshop – Learn how to make candy!! For age 6+, and groups of maximum 6 children. You make it at their shop in Ramat Gan, and get to take it home. A truly sweet and interesting workshop! They have a Kashrut Teuda. 10% off for LoveLoveIsrael Cardholders!

  2. SoapCake Factory! Learn how to make soaps!! Recommended for age 5+ and they also do adult/teen workshops, making perfumes and lip balms as well as soaps. At their lovely studio in Kfar Saba, you can choose your favorite scents and shapes and take home beautiful natural soaps. 10% off for LoveLoveIsrael Cardholders!

  3. Soosv’agala! Wood workshop. Age 4+, with a huge choice of wooden toys that children will put together from scratch including sanding down, putting together and painting it! (Call to ask about adult workshops too). You will even get a ride on the record-breaking giant

Soapcake Factory

Soapcake Factory

rocking horse they made there – and see the smallest one too! 10% off at SoosV’agala for LoveLoveIsrael Cardholders!

  1. Saba Yossi’s on Kibbutz Ein Gev is another recommended carpentry workshop. They even have a gymboree there so your toddlers can play while your older child crafts something special.

  2. Let’s bake bread! Saidels Artisan Institute in the Shomron (or they will come to you) have fantastic bread workshops suitable from age 3 or 4+ but great for all ages. You will bake and take home the most delicious bread and learn about the process! 10% off Saidel’s workshops for LoveLoveIsrael Cardholders! 

  3. Pat BaMelach is another great Bread workshop and bakery and is in Rosh Tzurim, near Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem. They offer a range of family friendly and wonderful workshops.

  4. Chocolate! Who doesn’t love a chocolate workshop? Galita in Tzuba (near Jerusalem) and Galita at Degania (in The Galil), give a tour that includes a movie and a choice of workshops depending on the ages of the group. At

Pat Bamelach

Pat Bamelach

busy times you should try and book in advance.

  1. De Karina (in the Golan) is another recommended chocolate workshop, which offers 10% off for LoveLoveIsrael Cardholders!

  2. There is also Sarina (in the Merkaz) chocolate workshop whoch includes a tour to see a real cocoa tree and the beans. All these chocolate workshops are available for a variety of ages, and you choose the project based on the ages of the group. Top Tip – bring a cool bag and ice pack to hold your chocolate goodies until you get home or to your holiday base!

  3. The Marzipan Museum! Great for all ages, watch a short movie, followed by a tour of incredible Marzipan sculptures and then have a go at making your own.  Great for children who love playdough – especially as this one you really can eat! Situated in Kfar Tavor, it is a good stop off on the way to the Golan. A cool bag is recommended for taking home what you made.

  4. Metukaya! Fondant workshop  – call to book and learn how to make all sorts of things out of fondant. Betdatz Hechsher. 10% off for LoveLoveIsrael Cardholders!

  5. Omanya! Leather making workshop suitable for all ages and any size group! A really unique workshop in Eastern Galil. 10% off for LoveLoveIsrael Cardholders! 

Omanya Leather Workshop

Omanya Leather Workshop

  1. Tut Niyar! This is a really lovely family activity. You learn and make paper from scratch in a fun workshop and take home beautiful paper at the end. While the paper dries you can enjoy the lovely Midrachov of Zichron Yaakov. 10% off for LoveLoveIsrael Cardholders!

  2. Susan’s House! This is a special opportunity to do a great craft workshop and support the amazing work done by this charity that helps Israeli youth at risk through art. All the proceeds go directly to the workshop and they have a shop with stunning art made by the teens themselves. You need to book this in advance.

  3. Gali Kamil Mosaic will teach you how to make stunning mosaics at this lovely workshop for age 4+ in Mazkeret Batya.

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