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The Tower of David Museum: Mars (Mixed and Augmented Reality Storytellers) brings Jerusalem’s long a

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

The Tower of David Museum Innovation Lab presents a new way to tell a story – smart storytelling!

How awesome is that! (Watch the video above!)

Through Augmented Reality and Innovative Mixed Reality technologies, Mars (Mixed and Augmented Reality Storytellers) brings a moment or two of Jerusalem’s long and colorful history to life!

Take part in the 67 war ‘dog fights’, dust off ancient scroll to reveal the true meaning of Tower of David’s name, take cover from Roman arrows flying around you and witness the famous David and Goliath battle!

Mars is an innovative storytelling company that specializes in creating personalized Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality experiences.

MARS at the Tower of David Museum

How many players? 1 per device with earphones – or family of 5 without earphones

Age appropriate: From age 6+

How long does it take? Approx 20 min

How much does it cost? NIS 25

Languages: English and Hebrew

How do you book it? on arrival at the Ticket Office at the Tower of David Museum

For more information on MARs at the Tower of David Museum:

For more information on MARs:

Mars storytelling stimulate identification and interest in families, adults and millennials by combining cutting edge technologies with high-end storytelling presented on tablet and earphones. At the same time the technology includes data analysis and machine-learning technologies to create personalized content based on the viewser (Viewers+Users) subconscious behavior in the 3D surrounding. The experience takes place in real time and is based on the visitor’s personal path of choice therefore making each experience unique to the viewer.

Mars enables visitors to experience unique moments in the story of Jerusalem through augmented layers all around them: creating and animating photo-realistic 3D figures that dramatize key moments of the story, reconstructing ancient structures and illustrating relevant chains of events, allowing visitors to “drop-into” important periods of the city’s history and feel they are a part of the site’s story. This is the first product of this kind to go on the market in Israel: a fully personalized experience in Mixed Reality.

Mixed & Augmented Reality is a significant technological jump compared to the familiar and popular Virtual Reality technology,” says Ori Noam, founding partner and CEO, Mars.  “In Virtual Reality, users wear 3D glasses which separate them completely from their physical surroundings and cut connection with their sensory surroundings.  In contrast, in Mixed and Augmented Reality, the users are present in the experience of the actual site around them – in this instance the Tower of David – on which the figures, buildings and stories are layered in 3D which allows the virtual content to exist together with the actual surroundings through use of the most advanced technologies and animation techniques.”

The Innovation Lab of the Tower of David Museum, supported by the Jerusalem Development Authority, brings together the expanding start-up eco-system in Jerusalem, investors, and high-tech companies for the purpose of developing new imaging and illustrative technologies that can be used to enhance the visitor experience. The tools which are developed in the Lab show the story of Jerusalem using the most advanced interactive methods in the world, and upgrade the experience for the visitors to the museum.  The Tower of David Museum is one of only a very few museums in the world that has its own innovation lab – and the TOD Innovation Lab provides technological and digital solutions from the world of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for the purposes of providing a rich experience for the user and visitor to the museum.

For quite some time, we have been looking for innovative, engaging and exciting ways to make the Tower of David Museum and the history of Jerusalem and its stories more accessible to the wide and varied audience that visitors the Museum every year” states Eilat Lieber, Director of the Tower of David Museum.  “Israel is the high-tech leader in many fields, but the world of historical and archaeological content has remained on the back burner.  The Innovation Lab of the Tower of David Museum is dedicated to the development of experiences for visitors and works with innovative technologies in order to enrich the experience, and to illustrate content in a creative manner.  The impressive archaeological garden, the exhibition halls, the 360 degree panoramic view over the city, the “Kishle” which was built in 1834, pools from the time of Herod, secret passages and rooftops of various heights, all these make the Tower of David an excellent test site for innovative technology, which digitally and interactively enriches the experience of the visitor.”


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