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The Solar Garden

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Haifa, Netanya


Recommended by:

Sarah Moser

‘We went to the solar garden in Binyamina – a garden full of ideas and ways to use the sun’s energy with solar panels, making tea with the sun, making and recycling paper, recycling everything, best use of water and ways to recycle water… We were there for nearly 2 hours and we could have spent more time. It was hands on and the kids had a fantastic time. It was also very educational for all the family. We had a private tour of the place and the guide was excellent with the kids and used a “treasure hunt idea”.


The Solar Garden is a hand-on, earthy, educational initiative designed to promote awareness and use of green energy sources and environmental technologies (CleanTech) amongst the Israeli public. We aim to influence the development of a leading green energy industry in Israel through education and exposure of environmental technologies. Tours of this outdoor facility, lovingly put together, are available in English.

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