The Reveal Jerusalem MegaScaventure – Summer 2016!

The event of the summer! Race through the streets of Jerusalem to “reveal” the secrets of her history and to

Registration is at The First Station, Jerusalem, 4 David Remez : 3:00pm -3:30pm Game Begins: 4:00pm Prize Ceremony: 6:30pm

50 NIS per person (ages 6+) 44 NIS per person if you purchase 5 tickets or more.

To secure your place in this unique event, book your tickets here.

Background to this event:

The Reveal Jerusalem MegaScaventure is the brainchild of Tali Tarlow from Israel Scaventures. Building on her success running scavenger hunts in different neighborhoods (Old City, Nachlaot, Gush Etzion, Tzfat, Tel Aviv, Jaffa), Tali wanted to think bigger. How could she make a difference to tourism in Jerusalem this summer?

Together with the help of Miriam Lottner from Reveal Cards , the brand new card game all about Israel and with Fun In Jerusalem, Tali put together a plan to create a game that would take families around the city in search of clues, fulfilling challenges and all with the aim of winning some great exciting prizes. Bringing the Tower of David and First Station on board was a critical part of the process. Both great landmarks in the city representing Jerusalem’s history and modern day Jerusalem.

The Reveal Jerusalem MegaScaventure is open to families, singles and couples. Players are encouraged to form their own teams and register together. Locals and tourists – this is an event for everyone.

Coming up with creative prize categories and exciting prizes was part of the fun. One of the goals of the event is to help local businesses in Jerusalem and introduce them to local families and tourists. To add some extra fun we have chosen some guest judges to help us choose the winners. Stay tuned to hear who they will be…

The Hosts: Israel Scaventure, Reveal Israel, Tower of David, Fun In Jerusalem




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