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The Night Creators are Coming to Life…night events not to miss in Jerusalem!

It’s the beginning of December. It’s getting a little wintry. Insulation in Israel isn’t very good.

But you already knew all that. What you probably didn’t know is that besides the countless “regular” events going on in Jerusalem, there is a Jerusalem city project that is bringing 69 (!) events to Jerusalem’s nightlife venues over the course of December 2016 and January 2017.

The festival is called Night Creators (יוצרים בלילה). It is the first time it’s being run in this format: The Jerusalem Municipality is sponsoring 23 event organizers who are each running a series of three events. Each series has a certain concept retained throughout the three events. And most events are free while the others are “affordable” (around 20-30 NIS).

All the info is available in English in the city’s new nightlife app, JLM Nightguide. Use the links at the bottom of this blog to download the app.

Here are some highlights of the events taking place over the next two months:


In the Global Beats series, each event focuses on the rhythms and beats from a different corner of the globe. Every event starts with a lecture (in Hebrew), is followed by a live performance and ends off with a dance party with a DJ. The events are on December 7, 15 and 28 at three different locations. Entrance is free.

TarbuTav is a series hosted by The Eighth Note, a music store on Shamai Street. At each event a different well-known Israeli artist will perform their music and talk to the audience about their creative processes and their experiences  as musicians over the years. The events are on December 23, December 26 and January 5. Entrance is 30 NIS. The first event is appropriate for kids for whom entrance is free.


The Pinkas Express events will all take place on Saturday night at The Little Pinkas in the Feingold Courtyard (between Yaffo and Rivlin street), taking a little piece of Shabbat into the new week. Each event begins with a cooking workshop (in chronological order: chulent, stuffed grape leaves and sfenj) followed by a live performance that matches the ethnicity of the food. Events are on December 17, 24 and 31. Entrance is free.

Street Nights highlights the street culture in the city. The events are on January 12, 13 and 18. On the 18th they’re constructing a skateboard ramp on Dorot Rishonim St. and a full-fledged skateboard competition will take place there. The events also include a movie screening, street music and street art created on the spot. Entrance to all the events is free.

Hafla Streams is an event series of 100% new music from the Arab world. Each event will have different musicians and DJs bring the Arab music groove to Jerusalem. Events are all taking place at DovBear on Yaffo Street on December 14, 21 and 28. Entrance is free.


Congratulations is an event series that is taking the typical family events and making them into nightlife events. On December 22 is a fake wedding (everything besides the bride and groom and the “soon by you” remarks), On January 7 is a bat mitzva, poofy dresses and all. And on January 18 is a funeral. No, but a fun funeral…

From Immigration to Israel is a series of events hosted by Nocturno on Bezalel Street which will highlight the culture of Israel’s immigrants: December 17 is about olim from Arab countries, December 24 is about olim from Ethiopia and December 28 is about olim from the former USSR.


Site Effect is all about performance arts. The events include spoken word, object puppetry, a circus cabaret and more. Events are on December 6, 20 and 27.


This is truly only a taste of the events taking place over the next two months in Jerusalem. Be sure to grab a program and stay connected on the app for updated information.

And, most importantly, get out there and enjoy the nightlife Jerusalem has to offer!

Important links to keep you up to date!

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Deena Levenstein is a cofounder of JLMvibe, the venture that has set out to make Jerusalem’s culture accessible to locals and visitors to the city. We are delighted that she has written this guest-blog about this great collection of fun night events!

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