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The LoveLoveIsrael Hanukkah Challenge!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Due to popular demand after the successful Sukkot Challenge, we are excited to present the LoveLoveIsrael Hanukkah Challenge!! Adjust, add to and elaborate as you wish! Have fun!

Be sure to share your photos in the LoveLoveIsrael Facebook group or tag #LLIHanukkahchallenge on Instagram and on Facebook so we can find them!

Any shared challenges will have the chance to win a prize after Hanukkah!

Here are our rules of play –

but you can choose your own!!

1. Make a team poster for players in your household - depending on how many you are, you might even want to make two teams.

You could just play against each other at home or go to Number 2 to make it an activity to do with other people!

2. Set up a time to Zoom-meet up with all the players. This could be family, friends or even workmates! We found it best to create a WhatsApp Group with the players specifically for this game to send the results in at the end.

3. Share the list of 8 Scavenger challenges (see below) and set a timer. You can keep the zoom on throughout or decide to come back at the end of the allotted time - maybe 40 minutes later.

NOTE THAT challenge 8 needs to be prepared earlier! Use one of those small clay jugs from the craft store or any item of your choice.

4. Start going through the challenges and take a photo/video of each result!

5. Before the time is up you need to send in each photo (numbered so it is clear which is which and that you completed all the challenges)

6. Go back on zoom to analyze the results and see who managed to complete all the challenges best. Decide on a winner!

7. Finish off with a virtual Donut feast and a Lechaim!


1. Create: Create a model Hanukkiah using any materials in the house.

2. Action: Video of you (all?) eating a doughnut off a plate, without your hands!

3. Drama: Re-enact a sword fight of a Hasmonean vs a Greek (bonus points for costumes!)

4. Light: Make a collage (of photos) of anything that ‘lights’ up in your home.

5. Scavenger: Find things in the house that start with each letter of the word:

חנוכה Hanukkah

(Choose the Hebrew or English) and arrange them in the right order for the photo.

6. Smile: Group Selfie or photo with at least one lit Hanukkiah.

7. Spin: Take a photo of as many dreidels spinning at the same time as you can!

8. Miracle: Find the hidden jug of oil and take a photo of you celebrating this amazing miracle!

Have Fun!

Recommended for ALL ages!

Don't forget to share!

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