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The Junior Ranger - Get your Kids involved on National Park Hikes!

You may have visited numerous parks, and not know this great LoveLoveIsrael tip!

At many National Parks (see list in image below) you can request a 'Junior Rangers' workbook full of interesting facts about the site, as well as activities to do along the way plus a collection PIN/BADGE! All for just 10NIS!

How do you get the 'Pekach Tzair' Young Ranger's workbook?

  • On entering the park, ask the cashier. If the site is listed below, you can purchase the booklet for 4 shekel and add another 6 shekel to receive a special PIN/BADGE for that site!! You can collect them all by visiting the sites!


  • Download and print the booklet yourself for free and just remember to buy the PIN/BADGE when you get to the site! They may make you show them your completed workbook and make a little award ceremony for you...but see if they will let you have it at the start in case you forget on the way back!

This is a really fun idea to help your children get involved in the hike, and provide interesting information for the whole group! Note that they are only available in Hebrew!

Let us know in the comments what you think of the workbooks after your next National Park visit!!

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