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The Jezreel Valley Museum

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Emek Yizrael

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‘Looks like the John Deere Exhibit has moved its collection to this museum! Tractor lovers will be happy and they let you climb on them too.’


The Museum has many parts to it. The part that most of you will be excited for is the tractor exhibit that has moved here since JohnDeereland closed down a few years ago. Click here for the tractor information

They say:

The Museum of Pioneer Settlement is part of the Educational Center for Settlement in the Jezreel Valley that relates the story of “The Valley”. The museum exhibits the largest display in Israel about settlement, specifically in the Jezreel Valley from 1911–1951. Emphasis is placed on both personal and local stories. Relevant social and ideological values are presented as they were demonstrated by the activities of the pioneers: the need to take responsibility for social ideals, the importance of “getting things done”, the laying of foundations for a secular Jewish lifestyle, the encouragement of tolerance and mutual assistance, the sharing of a common destiny and most of all, the strengthening of ties between the People and the Land. The Jezreel Valley’s Settlement Educational Center combines a visit with various activities in the Museum and allows for an assortment of activities at other sites in the Valley. A Visit to the Museum– the story of settlement and pioneers A Personalized Tour – guides give a first hand description: visitors “meet” pioneers as they were in the 1920’S An Interactive Tour – where individual actors welcome visitors to the different exhibits The “Display Theater” – Pioneer scenes brought alive by actors during the visit. (Minimum of (.80 participants A Pioneer’s Meal – rustic fare; a vegetarian meal of green salad, eggs, potatoes, tuna salad, local cheeses, bread, coffee and cake. The meal is served in authentic dishes in the old wooden kibbutz dining room An Evening of Song – Songs from the early days until the present day with accompaniment of a guitar or accordion, seated around tables or a campfire. Cooking a Pioneer’s Meal – preparation of a meal using the “primus” or “wick” stoves of old . Visits to Other Sites in the Valley – Pioneer related sites, the Valley railway, Nahalal, the weapons cache in Gevat and more

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