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The Hidden Valley Jeep Tours – On & Off the Beaten Track

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Dead Sea, Negev, Jerusalem, Mitzpe Ramon, South



Hidden Valley Jeep Tours

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Jeff and Marina, from Latitude34:

“If you want to see the best that Israel has to offer… give Nir a call and he’ll give you a day you will never forget and meet you with a kindness you’ll be lucky to find anywhere else on Earth.”


The Hidden Valley Jeep tours – Israel On & Off the Beaten Track

“…follow us through the wilderness, through a land not sown…” Jeremiah 2:2.

Get a unique experience of Israel, joining us in our comfy closed Jeeps that will take you to the must-see sites or off-road to the hidden corners you’ll never reach alone. If it’s a half day, a full day or several days – the adventure will be unforgettable.

Our tours are flexible and fit all ages.

Day tour destinations from Jerusalem: – Midbar Yehuda – the northern Judaean desert – three monotheistic religions in a desert perspective. – Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea. – Ellah Valley – the Bible land – where David and Goliath fought. – Negev – the land of craters, David Ben Gurion’s desert home, oases.

We arrange tailor made tours of all lengths throughout Israel, according to your wishes and needs.

About us: We are a family business – Nir and Tanja Friedman, a married couple and certified tour guides with academic qualifications (Geology, Geography and History) and desert specialists. Nir is a Kibbutznik, an IDF officer and has a high sensitivity for the needs of the people he leads. Guides in English and Hebrew. Tanja was born in Switzerland, and therefore can guide also in German and Swiss.

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