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The Dragons are Coming!!

Dragons !!! For hundreds of years human civilization has been dealing with these magical mythological creatures – magnificent animals that have appeared in many fantasy worlds over the years.

The “Dragons are Coming” exhibition brings 21 moving dragons to Israel. Using robotic animatronic technology, they move, breathe, walk … and roar! Amazing structures straight from the world of legends, imagination and fantasy, and from different cultures.

As legend has it, the literature about dragons has shown dragons in all different ways. Sometimes as heroes and guards and friends, and sometimes as dangerous villains – the dragon who guards the castle holding the princess, the dragon who fights against the hero or the dragon becomes his good friend.

There are dragons in fairy tales from the Far East and there is also quite a bit of Western mythology.

There are so many reincarnations of legends of dragons in children’s literature, in the cinema, in the computer game world, on television – a few favorite examples: Harry Potter trying to steal the dragon egg “The Fire Cup,” the animated series “My First Dragon” in which the dragons are heroes and friends, the dragon on the top of the mountain to which Bilbo was sent in Hobbit books, dragons in the Pokemon world, countless dragons in the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons. The adults who watched the “Games of Thrones” masterpiece saw how three dragons ignited the imagination of millions of viewers.

The “Dragons are Coming” exhibition provides an exciting and fun summer experience on the wings of imagination – dragons from the worlds of fantasy history, from different cultures and styles. The dragons come out from the book’s pages and join this original and unique exhibition.

For the first time, children (and parents, grandparents and grandparents) have an opportunity to see and meet up close, caress and even ride a dragon!

When? 1-31 August 2019. Shabbat-Thursday 10:00-19:00 Fridays 10:00-17:00

Where? The old Heichal Hasport, Rishon Lezion

Price: 39 Shekel per ticket (Age 2+ requires a ticket)

The exhibition is aimed at age 3 and above

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