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The Art of the Brick :Summer2019

The renowned International Lego Art Exhibition comes to Israel!

Where? At Heichal Toto, Holon (plenty of free parking)

When? July 26 – August 31

קרדיט תמונות : יח”צ

The renowned International Lego Art Exhibition, “The Art of the Brick” comes to Israel with about 100 sculptures and works of art made with millions of the well loved and well-known colored Lego cubes. In addition, there will be an interactive playground from the Lego worlds, a creative area, a huge gymboree with Lego Duplo for the little ones, a LEGO Cinema complex showing some of the amazing Lego series, and many more surprises for the whole family.

קרדיט תמונות : יח”צ

More than 10 million Lego blocks of different colors and sizes make up the works of Nathan Swaya’s The Art Of The Brick and have been traveling with him around the world for more than two decades. Swaya turns the beloved blocks into magnificent works of art in several dimensions, sculpted with talent to the smallest detail and all in a fascinating game of colors and material.

Nathan Swaya studied law at New York University, but soon realized that he preferred to be creative outside the courtroom and to express himself quite revolutionaryly with the Lego blocks as an artistic tool.

Swaya was the first to create art from the LEGO blocks when in 2000 he began to assemble full size sculptures from these seemingly simple toy. He travelled around the USA with an exhibition made of millions of Lego cubes.

קרדיט תמונות : יח”צ

In the huge complex of Holon’s Toto Hall (an area of ​​more than 5000 square meters), there will be the huge exhibition of Nathan Swaya, as well as lots of activities for the whole family to enjoy:

• Building competition: build LEGO cars and test them out on a specially built track! • Interactive activity area including coloring pages of the LEGO characters, favorite LEGO-XBOX games and Lego ‘selfie’ photo opportunities. • The ultimate LEGO city with trains, a huge wheel, cars and more from ‘LEGO CITY’ •”Graffiti” Lego wall • FREESTYLE assembly tables with tens of thousands of LEGO parts. • Lego Cinema – a huge screening hall screening the series of the biggest and loved brands of Lego of all time. • Little ones building big! Gymboree, Lego Duplo and lots of fun for younger children. • Unique collections that you can not see anywhere else!

See you this summer in the exhibition “you can build on!”

Toto Hall Holon – Le Park compound Address: 220 Jerusalem Boulevard, Holon Covered, air conditioned and free parking!

Open: Sunday – Thursday – 9:00 to 19:00 Friday – 9:00 to 15:00 Saturday – 9:00 to 19:00

Tisha B’Av eve – 10.08.2019, the exhibition will close at 17:00 Early ticket price: 99 NIS / full price: 139 NIS Tickets: 9066 * Or at For more details, visit the official exhibition website:

קרדיט תמונות : יח”צ

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