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Tel Aviv Train to the Western Wall – It’s Happening

Is this the holiest train in the world?

2018 is the target for completion of the new Tel Aviv to Jerusalem high speed train line. And now, Israel’s transportation minister has added that details of a new stop. Apparently you’ll be able to jump on a train and in 30 minutes get to the holiest site in Judaism: the Western Wall of the Temple Mount complex.

Minister Yisrael Katz posted on facebook featuring a map (below) showing that the high speed rail line will go underground from the new central bus station and end up on a spiritual high: at the Kotel, the Western Wall.


The 6.8 billion shekel line will revolutionize transport and work/home life between the capital Jerusalem and Israel’s business center, Tel Aviv. It also aims to help the environment by minimizing cars on the road, resulting in much less traffic between the cities.

The high speed trains will travel up to 200 kph and officials are expecting around 100,000 passengers to use the trains each day.

A new business district is also being built at the Western entrance to Jerusalem in anticipation of the new rail link.

And now, as Yisrael Katz puts it: “Hordes of people and tourists from around the world will connect directly to the beating heart of the Jewish People”.


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