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Tel Aviv Port-Namal

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Tel Aviv


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‘Namal Tel Aviv is always fun for everyone, and very kids friendly. Lots going on on the Pier  and great playgrounds.’ 


Tel Aviv Port is always enjoyable. It has been beautifully done, with decking, restaurants (including some Kosher ones) , shops and entertainment all the way down. Popular with runners, cyclists and a great place for kids to ride scooters and bimbas.

There is a carousel and some really great playgrounds. There is a big sandpit and the view of the sea is incredible. A fun place to hang out during the day and beautiful at night too.

During holidays and festivals there is always special entertainment going on.

There is free parking at Reading and plenty of other parking although it can get very full up especially on Fridays or Chaggim.


Oct 2013

I finally made it to the namal with my children and we had the best time! Firstly it definitely pays to try and go off peak…while it probably doesn’t bother the children, it was definitely a nicer experience for us as parents to have the parks to ourselves. We went on a Thursday at about 2pm and it got busy around 5pm. Using

Namal Tel Aviv

There is a large park opposite which was great. As has been said there was not a lot of shade (not such an issue at this time of year but tough in summer) and not much seating either. Was disappointed and surprised that we didn’t see ANY water fountains near the parks (July 2014 we found some!), or around the namal areas we were in so bring plenty of drink!

Tel Aviv Port

After a long play here we needed to refill our water bottles so moved on to the next park (where we ended up getting plastic cups filled in a McDonalds (not kosher) which was next to this park and the only place open by there at 4pm).

We went up by Hangar 24 which is by Shilav which actually also has its own small park and there is a cute park there orientated towards toddlers too.

So the next lovely park is by Hangar 22 by a MacDonalds (not kosher). Opposite a lovely Tzomet sfarim. Again, some fun, different apparatus including a sort of fireman’s lift thing that my children loved and great for a range of ages.

Namal Tel Aviv

We actually played here for an hour then the kids were hot so we hunted for the fountains by iceberg. At first we thought they were not running but then they came on and the kids had a great time! We came semi prepared and had a towel and some dry clothes but even October is still warm enough for this and it really made the day!

Telv Aviv port

A gorgeous, free afternoon’s activity. All these activities are really close to each other. Fun and exhausting! Enjoy!

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