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Swim safe at the beach! 45 Israeli beaches open early for Pesach!

Great news for everyone who had plans to go to the beach during the Pesach holiday!

45 Israeli beaches to open early for the Pesach holidays!


Interior Minister Aryeh Deri has ordered the early opening of 45 beaches along Israel’s coast in order to ensure that families can visit the beaches safely while schools are closed during Pesach vacation. It is so important only to swim when there is a lifeguard and to always pay attention to the flags and listen to the lifeguard’s instructions where necessary!

This year you will notice a new purple flag at the beach – this signals a warning of a lot of Jellyfish in the water.

While the beach season officially begins May 9, these beaches will have life guards during Pesach (from 22nd April unless written otherwise):


Chof Golan, Chof Livnon, Chof Chalukim, Chof Shkamim, Chof Chakuk, Chof Amnon, Chof Tzinbari, Chof Gofra, Chof Moatza Ezorit.

Emek Hayarden: Chog Ginossar, Ein Gev, Haon, Maagan, Tzemach.

Moatza Migdal: Chof Rastel (Migdala)

Mediterranean Sea:

Chof Park Achziv (from 15/4)

Acco: Chof Tamenim

Netanya: Sironit Beach (open all year)

Hertzliya: Those open all year – Chof Accadia South, and Chof Hasharon.

Tel Aviv: Those open all year. Chof Charles Clore, Chof Jerusalem, Chof Bogershov, Chof Gordon, the separate beach, Tzuk Tzafon.

Rishon Lezion: Chof Rishon at the first station (as open all year)

Ashkelon: Main Chof Delila (as open all year)

The Red Sea (Yam Suf): 4 lifeguard stations open in Eilat all year round.

Dead Sea: 15 lifeguard stations open all year.

Hebrew article about this on Maariv

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