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Support Israeli Tour Guides!

During a regular Summer, the tour guides in Israel are usually busy with incoming groups from all countries and cultures, Birthright, youth groups and families from abroad. This year, many guides have found themselves without work and are pivoting hard to make their websites and tours more applicable to residents here in Israel.

On the flip-side, many of us residents have not had the opportunity to hire a guide - either because they travel abroad usually in the Summer, or because the guides were expensive or most often, fully booked well in advance by well organized tourists!

Now is your chance to turn your planned regular hike, or vacation, into an incredible experience by booking a guide and helping to support these small businesses!

See what area or what type of thing interests you and give them a call.

Get a quote and be surprised at the value for money (tours tend to last at least two or three hours,full of details you never knew about!).

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