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Super Sukkot Excursions! 2016

Sukkot 5777 starts this year on Sunday night 16th October. During Chol Hamoed, there are plenty of events going on around the country to enjoy this special time!

Keep checking back here for the the latest events as they come out – we have listed the main ones although most places will be running extra special events over Sukkot! Wishing you a Chag Sameach and Shanah Tova!

Days Out!


The Beach! Summer seems like it was so long ago, and now the weather is perfect before it really cools down. Make the most of the family time and head out for a beach day! LoveloveIsrael tip: Make the most of the beaches at Sukkot time because on October 31st, swimming season officially ends and most beaches will no longer have lifeguards. Click here for further details. The Parks! Free fun for the whole family. LoveLoveIsrael members LOVE Park Raanana, Park Herzliya, the parks at Namal Tel Aviv, Rishon Lezion’s park and if you are going North, Park Hamishapcha in Carmiel is a big hit. There are of course many more. Bring kites, scooters, balls and make a day of it! You can call the local municipalities if you want to make sure you can eat in a Kosher Sukkah.


The National Parks! Click here  for the full list of events going on for Sukkot in Israel’s beautiful historical and nature sites. You do need to pay (except if you have a Matmon card – which you can purchase by clicking here) but these are really fun, historical and outdoorsy days out.

Workshops! has loads of recommendations for workshops. Check out our workshop blogs for some ideas and search the website for even more! Ultimate List of Wonderful workshops 1 and Ultimate List of Wonderful Workshops 2!

Scaventures! These fun Scavenger Hunts take place in various locations and are great fun for all ages. In Jerusalem there’s the Old City scavenger hunt, Nachlaot scavenger hunt, Windmill Dash, Shuk Dash, Shuk portrait gallery scavenger hunt – *new activity* night only. In Tel Aviv there’s the Neve Zedek scavenger hunt and Jaffa scavenger hunt. Hunt in Tzfat, the Gush (this is already booked for Sukkot but book now for Chanukah!), or there’s a mystery in a monastery in  Maale Adumim! Book up now to get a space during Sukkot! Click here for reviews and contact details!

Jerusalem Region:


Neot Kedumim

  1. For authentic, super Sukkot appropriateness don’t miss Neot Kedumim’s amazing Sukkah display, ancient market place and array of other special antique events! Tuesday 18th-Thursday 20th October. 9:00-17:00. 40 Shekel per person over age 3. More details here.

  2. The big Kohanim blessing at the Kotel is on 19th October this year, 8:45-10:45am. If you don’t mind crowds this is a truly unique experience where thousands gather together for the priestly blessing. Allow plenty of time to get there and hold on tight to your family so no one gets lost.

  3. Exclusive Sensory Tour at the Israel Museum – This is a private tour run by Beit Issie Shapiro, Israel’s leading organization for the support of people with disabilities. This tour, for ages 12 and up only,  will present

visitors with certain temporary challenges – no sight, no sound, limited mobility, etc. – so that they can briefly experience life in a different way and better appreciate the significant challenges and the depths of the efforts needed to overcome them. While the older family members go on the tour, the younger children can join in the fun arts and crafts workshops making Sukkah decorations from recycled materials, or go on the wires and ropes maze in the Museum.

Click here for details. Also at the Israel Museum on 18th October – Kite-making workshops all day followed by the 31st Kite-Flying Festival at 4pm!

  1. The Hands-on Museum of Ein Yael will be running their usual ancient-themed activities during Chol Hamoed and is great fun for a range of ages.

  1. Latrun – just outside Jerusalem, Israel’s Tank Museum will be running fun events during Chol Hamoed, including shows, tours and arts and crafts. Call to book as places are limited.

Central Israel:


Tel Aviv Bike Ride

  1. On yer bike! Friday 21st October is Tel Aviv’s annual bike ride. Choose from 4 cycling courses and inline skating course. No electric bikes allowed. The routes go throughout the city, on the Ayalon highway, and along the Tel Aviv coast. Start and Finish on Rokach Street, adjacent to Ganei Hata’arucha Exhibition Center. You have until 18th October to register! Click here for more details!

  2. Last chances to experience the unique Tubix exhibit in Holon, and the Dinosaur and Ice Age event in Tel Aviv!

  1. Only open until 24th October, visit the Savlador Dali art exhibition at Tel Aviv Port!

  2. Ariel Sharon Park – also known as the Chiriya – is running a special event over Sukkot. This year’s theme is ‘Games that are out of the box’. A play area made out of junk, a jumping area, and some great recycling workshops (suitable for age 5+) as well as a tour of the refuse center. A really great experience, with lots of well done craft/recycling workshops and a fantastic view. Expect it to smell a bit around there – but you will get used to it – don’t let it put you off!

  3. Michal Negrin’s World has an extra special Sukkah decorations workshops in addition to their usual fantastic tour. You need to book!


  1. Don’t miss out on the last week of fun at Aquakef until the weather warms up again in Springtime! Aquakef was THE big hit of the Summer so if you haven’t been, Sukkot is the perfect time…or the perfect time to go again because you know your kids would LOVE to! Age 6+. Ideal for teens and young adults!


Aquakef at Hof Haganim!

More details here. To read awesome reviews click here. Open throughout Chol Hamoed until October 25th, from 9 am till 5 pm (except Shabbat and chag). We also have separate swimming on the 18th, 19th and 20th from 3.45 till 5.15. Men from 3.45 till 4.30 and women right after from 4.30 till 5.15.

  1.  Technoda in Hadera – The Race to a Million! Over Sukkot your family can participate in a race of science challenges through countries, leading to the final challenge involving audience participation and a quiz involving scientific experiments and demonstrations! More details here.

  2. Ptil Tekhelet is once again conducting their very popular Marine tours at Chof Dor (Kibbutz Nachsholim near Zichron Ya’acov) this Sukkot Tues-Thu Oct.18-20, 2016. So book your tour details here.

  3. Ruach Shtut – No, the strawberries aren’t ready yet (!) but they have a special spices event for Succot! Craft activities including

making scented bags and soaps after hand picking herbs, all in a relaxing environment.

  1. Don’t miss the 8th Annual Paprika Festival at Derech Hatavlinim in beit Lechem Haglilit! 15th-24th October from 10am, Some workshops cost extra but most are included. Activities include going out to the fields, searching for the green paprika in a pool of red, chef’s tips, making decorations with paprika and spices…and there is a kosher Sukkah for your use!

  2. Afula will be celebrating Sukkot with 3D drawings around the city (Alozorov)! From 19-20th October 18:00-22:00 combined with music and street performances. Great photo opportunities and free fun for everyone. For more details click here.



Negev Fun

So many fantastic things to do and Sukkot’s weather is perfect for making the most of it. LoveLoveIsrael recommends these great ideas!

  1. Archery in Mitzpe Ramon

  2. Book a visit at the Mitzpe Ramon Visitors Center

  3. Look at the stars! Star gazing at night (wrap up very warm at night!)

  4. Sandboarding! A real hit with energetic groups – so much fun to be had butthere is some shlepping up the hill so be ready for a great workout too!

  5. The Carasso Science Museum will be running it’s 4th Science festival from 18-20th October. Details here.

  6. Ben Gurion’s Tzrif – Celebrate Ben Gurion’s 130th birthday at his home in SdeBoker from 18th-20th October from 10:00-14:00


  1. The popular Circus Festival in Modiin returns once again! Lots of free shows as well as shows you need to prebook. 18th-20th October from 18:00-22:00.

  2. The Moshav Country Fair is back again for the 18th year, at Moshav Mevo Modi’im! Wed Oct 19th from 12:00 – 21:00. Includes special 40 Year Celebration of Me’or Modi’im with Guest Musician Yishai Ribo and lots of other artists and

entertainment. A Children’s Festival, including the Reb Shlomo Stories, jugglers, drumming, arts & crafts, a Women’s Tent – Musical presentation, Ecological Forest – Ecological Workshops & games, The Shlomo Carlebach Center – Reb Shlomo songs & teachings and the Artists Fair – Over 60 Arts & Crafts Booths!



The Tamar Festival

  1. The Tamar Music Festival at

the Dead Sea, opening on 17th October with incredible performers every night! Book your tickets here.

  1. Book up to see some incredible musicals – Okay, they are in Hebrew, but they are really great productions! You can choose from Billy Elliot, Evita and Les Miserables (Aluvei Hachayim). Tickets can be purchased here.

  1. Other fun shows include The Harlem Globetrotters for basketball fans! Last tickets remaining – Click here for details.

  1. The Shanghai Circus – Click here for tickets. Reviews can be read here.

  2. Extreme Motorcycle show in Rishon Lezion on 18-19th October – Click here for details

  3. Boombox -1st of October! Celebrate the new year with a whole night of music with stars such as Avraham Tal, Hadag Nachash, Tuna, Kafeh

Shachor Chazak and lots more. 9pm until the early hours of the morning! Park Nachal Hadera.

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