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Summer Fun In Maale Adumim!

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Tour Adumim is your one stop destination for info, activity reservations and itinerary building in the Maale Adumim Region, just outside of Jerusalem in the Judean desert.

Here are the top 10 Things Not to Miss in the Maale Adumim Region and Tour Adumim will organize everything for you! Accompaniment option upon request.

Wadi Kelt - desert lookout

1.Breathtaking desert lookouts-See Jericho, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea

2.An ATV excursion through the Judean Desert- 1.5 hour/2 hour trip with stops and explanations at lookouts, ancient cave, British bunkers, Bedouin encampment

3.Camel Riding- Lean baaack when the camel gets up! A 1.5 hour program meeting Avraham and hospitality in his tent is also available.

Bedouin Shepherding

4.Bedouin Shepherding Experience- Meet Abdallah and hear about shepherding and growing up in the desert+tea+ pita making

5.Honey Making Workshop- Learn about honey and bees wearing protective suits

6.Natural Spring Pool at Ein Mabua- Aaah, so refreshing!

Honey-making Workshops

7.Mezuzah Making Workshop- Learn about the mezuzah. Using hand tools, machines and decorative materials- make your own mezuzah case!

8.Scavenger Hunt at the Moshe Castel Museum of Art- Learn about famous Israeli artist in a fun way with local artist guide

9.Ancient Mosaics and dwelling homes at

Authentic Ethiopian meal in Kfar Adumim

the Good Samaritan Inn Museum- Jewish, Christian and Samaritan mosaics-see cisterns and dwelling home from Second Temple period

10 Authentic Ethiopian lunch or dinner in Kfar Adumim

And just down the road.. The Balsam of Gilead Farm with Guy Erlich An agricultural kibbutz tour with tastings at Kibbutz Kalia Dead Sea Boat Ride at Kalia Beach Northern Dead Sea Beaches with mud!

For more info/activity reservations: Contact Shelley, 054-5275404.

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