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Summer 2019: Playmobil Festival at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

If you are in Jerusalem this Summer, with children age 3-10 years old, don’t miss this fun event of “Playmobil around the World! “

Highlights include:

Pirate Ship * Palace for Princesses and Princes * Native American Village * Wild West Town * Maze of Flowers * Castle of Knights * Search for Koala in the Trees * Fire Extinguisher * MDA Ambulance * Giant Figures * Ninja Challenge in Nature * Play with Playmobil * Nature and plants activities and a variety of other activities in the spirit of the Playmobil and the Botanical Garden.


From Sunday July 21 to the end of August 2019

Sunday to Thursday Morning 09:00 – 13:00 Evening between 16:00 and 21:30 Fridays – 09: 00-13: 00 Saturday – closed. Last access – about an hour before closing.

We sent Trevor Silverman with two of his kids (age 7 and 9) to check out this event!! Here is what he said!

“The Playmobil event is at the botanical gardens in Jerusalem which is a beautiful outdoor setting. Throughout the gardens they have set up different fun activities based on an ‘around the world theme’. Activities include playing with Playmobil, climbing, shooting, searching for koalas, lassoing cows and sifting for gold. There are large Playmobil model people stationed throughout the grounds. At the end there was an open air screening of the new Playmobil movie on a big screen. My children aged 7 and 9 really enjoyed themselves. Over 9/10 may start to find boring. Also not really suitable for under 5. Plenty of toilet facilities. Was well organized. Recommended!”

The botanical garden will become a magical realm this Summer, where children can experience a journey with activities around the world, just like in the Playmobil movie. So if you are looking for an activity to pull your children away from their screens and give them a different experience that includes sport, nature and challenge alongside recreation and enjoyment, this is the place!

From the moment you enter the botanical gardens, the children will enter a wonderful Playmobil world where they will experience an exciting and fascinating journey. At the beginning of the journey each child will receive a passport, which they need to get stamped alongside a variety of Playmobil attractions and challenges in the style of ninja in nature. The journey will begin in Europe, where the children will undergo a pirate training in a giant pirate ship located in a lake full of sacred lotus flowers with huge leaves that provide a sense of watery jungle. From the ship you can look for the small waterbirds, the fish, the frogs, the ducks and the various species of animals that grow in the lake. Alongside the boat, the children will enjoy pirate training, and a family pirate photo stand.

In the Americas, among the high magnolia trees, they will meet the natives and undergo a ceremony in an Indian village that includes tampi tents, a giant totem, canoe, bonfire and archery activities. From there they will continue to the palace of grand princesses with a screening room for a short film of Playmobil and games of princesses and princes. Later, the children will travel to Australia, where they will find a variety of crazy species of plants and experience farm work alongside spectacular flowering carpets. In addition, on the Australian mainland, the children will visit the fire station and be trained to fire gel balls in a designated training area and then float among the eucalyptus trees on huge hammocks. From there they will race up the hill to an Australian reserve where they will turn into rangers that locate koala bears on the treetops bridge in the middle of the Australian jungles.

Next, the children will return to the American mainland directly into the Wild West, training Bellasso and the Gold Rush station, where they will enjoy a gold quest just like the first pioneers in California between the Rocky Mountains and the Mesopotamian trees. From the wild west town they will move to the next station – a knights’ fortress – where they will train with swords and then descend to the infamous Alcatraz prison, located in the middle of the North American Forest, alongside a trail of discovery that offers unique water and earth games. The soil, treetops and roots will teach the children about the connection between them and the plants that grow in the garden. After they “escape” from Alcatraz, they will begin a journey back to the end where they can play in an air-conditioned room, with about 10,000 imaginative Playmobil toys.

Most of the activity takes place in shady areas in the botanical garden and when darkness falls, the place will become a magical garden with a wonderful and fascinating atmosphere and wonderful lighting, created by the lighting artist Gil Teichman. Along the route, the children will be accompanied by Jerusalem youth who will assist them in the various tasks and will make the experience even richer and more enjoyable. The “Playmobil Around the World” event, which covers 50 dunams, will open its doors on July 21, when children from all over the country are invited to leave the screens to enjoy the many activities in the wonderful nature of the botanical garden. Tom Amit, Director General of the Botanical Garden: “As every year, the botanical garden continues to lead Israel in a unique summer event that combines values, nature, sports and imaginative games, and we are proud to continue our cooperation with Playmobil. We invite the general public to leave the house, go to Jerusalem and take a trip to Playmobil around the world with a variety of attractions and life-size Playmobil games in the magnificent nature of the botanical garden. “


Tickets required for age 2 and up – 89 NIS Deals on all +1 +1 credit companies For details and ordering tickets: At 6226 * or click here! The University Botanical Garden at Givat Ram is a gem of nature in the heart of Jerusalem. The park acts as an educational and research center and contains a diverse collection of plants from all over the world in geographical presentation. The park is a focal point for recreation, tourism and cultural events as well as a center for education, training and research. It is the largest botanical garden in Israel, with an area of ​​150 dunams, with the largest collection of plants in Israel and the Middle East. In the garden, more than 6,000 species and varieties of plants from around the world are presented in six geographic regions (South Africa, Europe, North America, Australia, Southwest, Central Asia and the Mediterranean). The garden plots resemble the flora and fauna of each area and show spectacular smells throughout the year.


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