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Sukkot: Priestly Blessing and Hakhel at the Kotel 5783

As always, there will be large gathering of people at the Kotel this Sukkot to experience the Priestly blessings of the holiday - Birkat HaKohanim.

Birkat HaKohanim

October 12th 2022

8:45am Morning Prayers - Shacharit

9:30 Morning Service Priestly Blessing

10:15 Mussaf

10:30 Mussaf Priestly Blessing

'Zecher' L'Hakhel

This year is particularly special as we have just completed the Shmitta year. Historically, in the time of the Temple, this was marked by a special reading of the Torah during the Sukkot straight after Shmitta where all the Jewish people - old and young would all get together to hear it!

There will be a Hakehel ceremony to remember the Hakhel of old, on Wednesday 12th October at 18:00, expected to end at 20:15.

Three sifrei Torah willbe brought into the Kotel area and the President of Israel, CHief Rabbis of Israel and Rabbi of the Kotel as ell as manyother Rabbinical figures will all join this special event.

Second Hakafot

Traditionally, there are second Hakafot on Motzei Simchat Torah. Join the celebrations at the Kotel from 22:00 on October 17th!

Chag Sameach!

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