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Spring Workshops at Speculo Glassblowing Studio

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

An incredible glassblowing workshop experience with the best location at Caesarea Port! Private workshops ONLY. Hurry and make your reservation!

Workshops are private (so your own private instructor and you make your own glass).

All the details and prices - including availability and online booking are on their website:

Speculo offers furnace glassblowing (Like Blown Away on Netflix) workshops as well as flame working - making miniatures: animals / plants / necklace ornaments!

Who is this workshop suitable for?

Suitable for age 5+. Great family or group activity.

Speculo offers workshops that are suitable for 2-30 participants.

Where is it?

The studio is right inside the Caesarea National Park as you can see below. Full details are on their website -

You can also call: +972-538205475

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