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Special Events in Israel for Tu Bishvat 2020!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Tu Bishvat this year falls on Sunday night/Monday the 9/10 February, and the children still have school…but if you have a chance, you can really celebrate ‘Tu Bishvat’ – the Jewish New Year for Trees ט”ו בשבט by going to one of these events around the country throughout the coming weeks!

Pick Fruit and Vegetables!

This would be the perfect time to make the trip to LoveLoveIsrael’s firm favorite, Shvil Hasalat in the South for a unique experience!

Posted by ‎שביל הסלט THE SALAD TRAIL‎ on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Strawberries are in season now so this is a great time of year to make it a fun couples date or take the whole family strawberry picking. There are now many places. We do recommend checking their Facebook pages or calling first as sometimes they change opening times or get too busy.  Click here for some of the great ones! 

Neot Kedumim

Photo Credit: Neot Kedumim

Celebrate the month of Shvat with these special family tours:

Tour of “Nature Secrets” 31.1.20ה’ בשבט. Tour of “Picking and Eating” 7.2.20, י”ב בשבט Pre-registration is required for all tours and are recommended from the age of 6 and up.

“Nature’s Secrets” – Spring Blossom Tour and Beginner’s Botany Lunch Tour | Friday, January 31 | ה’ בשבט

Nature is an intriguing place, especially for children. Families are invited to take a fascinating botanical tour in Neot Kedumim Park, and hear answers from the park’s guides to interesting questions: How can one know the age of an anemone? Do all scallop leaves have the same design on the leaves? Which flowers are seasonal? What is the role of the various plant parts? How do the insects help us?

On the tour you will have the opportunity to prepare a natural spices mix, pick plants to make a healthy and delicious tea brew and make a creation from nature.

Departure at 12:30 pm – It is recommended to bring snacks as the tour lasts about two and a half hours. You will not be allowed to join in the middle.

Price NIS 40 per participant from the age of 4

Photo Credit: Neot Kedumim

“Picking and Eating” – Introducing seasonal wild plants, gathering edible plants and cooking meals in a natural area. Morning Tour | Friday, February 7 | י”ב בשבט

Nature is full of snacks – you just need to know where to pick them: instead of fries – there are salty leaves, instead of candies –  sweet stalks . We will leave the processed snacks at home and head out for a delicious and healthy experience in nature. On this guided tour of the park trails and the green fields, you will get to know the seasonal plants, hear stories and legends about ancient food and cuisine. Once we fill our harvest basket with food from the field, you will light a fire and cook a variety of delicious dishes based on recipes from the origins of ancient Israel together on a stove.

Tour leaves at 9 a.m. The tour lasts about three hours. You cannot join in the middle.

Price: 55 NIS per participant.

Pre-registration is required for tours and are recommended from the age of 6 and up.

These tours are most likely run in Hebrew but when you call to book they may be able to provide a guide that can also speak English…so it is worth asking!

Photo Credit: Neot Kedumim

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

‘Magic in the woods’

A wonderful tour of the garden and the new tropical greenhouse * Nature workshops and organic creation in the holiday spirit * Planting flowers!

Saturday to Thursday 08-13 / 02/2020 at the Givat Ram Jerusalem Botanical Garden

For Tu B’Shvat, celebrate the birthday celebrations for the trees, opening with a special festive event on Saturday 8th February and will continue later this week until 13th February, with plenty of magical nature activities for the whole family at great prices! On 8/2 we will celebrate with a variety of activities: A ‘magic in the woods’ tour that reveals the wonderful magic of trees and garden plants and takes us to the wild jungle within the tropical greenhouse. Length of the tour is about an hour and leaves every hour and a half (11:00, 12:30, 14:00) from the entrance to the garden.

The new tropical greenhouse that is open to the public. The Wild Seed Distributors Workshop will take part in the preparation of Israeli wild seed balls, which they can disperse anywhere, thus helping to preserve the unique variety of species in Israel. In addition, visitors are invited to plant flowers for a flowering garden on Saturday during all hours of the day, and also to tour the new tropical greenhouse where gardeners are waiting to give explanations and answer any questions.

Cost: 35 NIS child / adult. Jerusalem residents: Free with proof of residency/TZ. Subscriptions: Free. Saturday 08/02/20 from 10:00 to 15:00

During the week we will have a special tour and workshop for Tu B’Shvat: A ‘magic in the woods’ tour that reveals the wonderful magic of trees and garden plants and you will travel to the wild jungle inside the tropical greenhouse. Length of this tour is about an hour with a hot drink break (coffee and cinnamon). The new tropical greenhouse open to the public. Cost: 35 NIS child / adult. Jerusalem residents: half the price on showing ID. Subscriptions: Half price. Days and hours: Sunday to Thursday 09-13 / 02/2020 from 16:30 to 18:30 The tour and workshop during the week is by pre-registration ONLY.

For more information: 02-6794012

Photo Credit: Tom Amit

National Parks

National Parks throughout Israel will be running special Winter walks to see the opening flowers, as well as many other events. Free if you hold a membership, and very reasonable prices if you don’t!

Keren Kayemet Leyisrael Events

Check out the  KKL events page for some interesting tours and guided walks on  the theme of Tu Bishvat.

Plant a Tree!

Photo Credit: Yehudit Marcus. Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

As the tradition has it, planting trees is customary on Tu Bishvat – you need to book it, but plant a tree in Israel with KKL! 

If you know of any other places offering this, please comment below!

Darom Adom

The Darom Adom Festival– The stunning Anemone Festival is coming up soon in the Negev throughout February. More details coming to soon!

פסטיבל דרום אדום 2020 – Save The Date!כל השנה חיכינו לחג הכלניות והנה הוא מתקרב ובא – פסטיבל דרום אדום 2020 יוצא לדרך!אנחנו עובדים במלא המרץ ומכינים לכם פסטיבל עשיר ופורח, עם שפע פעילויות, סיורים, הופעות, צעדת הכלניות המסורתית, מירוץ הכלניות, שווקים וכמובן מיליוני כלניות!הפסטיבל יתקיים במשך 5 שבועות בין ה- 30/1-29/2.שריינו את סופי השבוע שלכם כי הולך להיות מהמם!תייגו חברים ושתפו את הבשורה! Posted by ‎דרום אדום – הדף הרשמי‎ on Sunday, January 12, 2020


Photo Credit: Tishbi Winery

For the adults, what could be more appropriate than celebrating the grape vines that help produce Israel’s finest wines?! Okay – you could bring your children with (and they can enjoy the grape juice), but definitely recommended for adults, couples and friends!

Some great suggestions are Tishbi Winery, Tzuba, Barkan, Carmel, Flam to name a few!

Go out and Hike Somewhere!!

In the upcoming weeks you just MUST make the most of sunny days and get out and walk in nature – all over Israel you can find beautiful wild flowers. Check and our Facebook group for ideas!

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