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Space Week in Israel! 29.01.17 – 02.02.17

This year, SPACE WEEK in Israel  will launch on Sunday 29th January until 2nd February 2017.  There will be an array of amazing space-related activities across the country so be sure to see what is going on near you! Most of the events are free but do require registration. Note that some have age requirements as well.

Last year, a fantastic Hebrew website was launched by the Science, Technology, and Space Ministry – packed with film clips, space news, information on technologies, and central themes and ideas for home activities and games about space. There, you can find the complete list of events, ranging from The Space Conference in memory of Ilan Ramon to the finals of the Ramon Olympics as well as special events at the Science Garden in Rechovot and science museums in Haifa and Beer Sheva.

The main event will run at The Eretz Yisrael Museum in Tel Aviv. This year’s main theme is the Mission to Mars. At the Eretz Yisrael Museum you will experience a rocket launch through VR glasses, find out how the mission will work, what people would eat on Mars, whether plants can grow and answers to lots more questions about how it might be possible for humans to inhabit Mars. This is all done in an experiential way through a maze of missions.

In addition there will be an exhibition of Israel’s space achievements, you can meet real space experts and experience the Planetarium.

Details of all the Space Week events can be found here.


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