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Snow is forecast this Summer in Tel Aviv!

You thought it was impossible when it is 40 degrees outside, but there IS snow in Tel Aviv this Summer at an exciting new event at the Tel Aviv Port!

Park Hasheleg – The Snow Park – Open 23.7-31.8.2018 at the Tel Aviv Port, Hangar 11.

9:00-21:00 Sunday to Thursday

9:00-17:00 on Friday

Closed on Shabbat

The Snow Park will bring you all these attractions under one roof:

  1. Snow playground.

  2. 2 huge ice slides !

  3. An ice skating rink for children and parents suitable for all ages, even for toddlers (which also includes facilities that allow parents to skat

e with children).

  1. Computer games of snow and ice. In the snow playground you can find:

  2. 500 square meters of different games.

  3. Two snow cannons dropping snow all the time from above.

  4. Snowman Building Contest.

  5. Snow games with buckets, shovels and wheelbarrows.

  6. Build a real igloo in the snow.


The temperature is actually pleasant inside so no need for Winter clothes, although best to wear long trousers. You may want to bring a light sweater/cardigan in case. They have boots there (in kids and adult sizes) but for your own comfort bring socks!

Bring spare socks! You may want to bring spare trousers/pants if your child will be upset at having a cold wet bottom (but a few minutes back in the sun will sort that out!)

They provide special shoes for the slides and skates where necessary.

You are not meant to bring in food. There is a kosher kiosk  (they have a teuda) there.

You need a ticket for age 3+.

More information and to purchase tickets click here. There are 1+1 offers for some credit cards


by Deborah Dickson

This is an exciting event for us here in Israel as apart from an appreciated break from the scorching humid heat outside, many of us who live in Israel rarely get a chance to see snow – and for most of our children this is a true novelty, as most of this experience is new for them.

I took two 6 year old girls with me to the opening event and they kept saying ‘ this is the best day of our lives!’

You can buy tickets at the Kiosk outside, or book online. You enter through a giant inflatable arch and immediately feel a drop of temperature!

For once the PR video above does show what was on offer, albeit that in Israeli style safety – there were no helmets, and while the rules by the slides state that under 8s have to go with an adult, this was not being enforced.

We arrived around 4:30pm and it got busy after 5pm. We started with getting boots and then they went straight into play in the snow. It is a bit icy but ‘real’ snow falls from the giant cannons at regular intervals and the kids were so happy to feel it fall on them. They made snow-castles and dug a bit and ran around until they started feeling the cold and wet.

We then went to the slides and these little 6 year olds boldly pulled up quite a heavy inflatable tire to the large slide. Amazingly they went through with it and had a great time sliding down the ice. There was a good amount of staff on hand here. This would be fun for all ages I guess and plenty of adults slid down with their kids.

Next we went to get our skates on – this room was warmer which was quite good at this point. They found the right sizes and we waited a short time for the current skaters to come off and then they went on the rink. It was a bit of a squash at this point and I hope they find a way to have skaters exit and enter at a different place to avoid this but it was short-lived and there were enough dolphins for those who needed some extra help. Again, I was happy to see a good amount of staff around. They also allowed me to walk on the ice in my shoes  – it wasn’t slippy for me (although i think you could request covers for your shoes which would have been better). The rink is ice, but isn’t too large and intimidating. On the other side of the rink is an area reserved for ice bumper cars which looked fun but had a long wait so we didn’t do this.

These were the main activities available. We checked out upstairs – there were about 12 large TV screens with snow-themed computer games, a token gymboree for little kids and that was about it.

The girls went back for a good play in the snow ‘playground’ before we left.

The kiosk offered the usual things – slush drinks, cotton candy, popcorn, drinks, ice creams, waffles, coffee and hot dogs. They had a teudah.

Overall I guess if you think in terms of the different activities available – including a real ice rink, the price is not too bad. If you manage to get 1+1 from your credit card then 50 shekel a ticket is pretty good seeing as this place does offer unique activities under one roof which stand out as something Israel has not attempted before.

We had a great time and I would recommend it from age 4 up to age 11/12….perhaps if a group of younger teens were there together, they would enjoy it but most of the kids there were younger. They do offer parties and you can hire it out – which could even be fun for adults!

If you haven’t watched my LIVE video of Park Hasheleg – click here!

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