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Shopping in the Shuk

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Special guest post by ‘TovainIsrael’ Machane Yehuda:

The Shuk. Jerusalem’s outdoor market. Call it what you want, but it may very well be my favorite place in Yerushalayim. Since my first trip 5 1/2 months ago with a private tour given to me by my nephew, Chaim, I have been back weekly, sometimes, two or three times a week. He introduced me to all his favorite shops- spices, fruits and vegetables, bread, fish, butcher, and on and on. Some of those stores became my favorites too, but I have come to discover my way around really well. I have become a regular and it’s always so much fun to see a smile on the store owners’ face, because I am back to shop!

The store owners work from the early morning until late at night, greeting each person with a smile, and maybe a treat in their hand- a falafel, cup of tea, sweet strawberry, or pastry. The aromas, the colors, the sounds, it’s always an experience of the senses when walking through. I am lucky enough that the Shuk is only a bus ride away for me and I never go there without my cart- even if I may look like a grandma! I remember going one time without my “bubby cart” or as I like to call it, “The agalat hashuk,” and it was a disaster. My arms were breaking and my hands were bright red. I won’t make that mistake again! Click here to read Tova’s full blog post! Photo Credit – Tova Knecht

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