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Shilo Ancient Ruins

Updated: Apr 1, 2020


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Moshe Abelesz

Tel Shilo, the ancient city of Shilo was great. There were “biblical” characters walking around and sadnaot for the kids. We then went to Nachl Shilo which was an hour’s hike to Ein Oz, where the water was very refreshing. We went with another family so we had a car waiting for us at the end, but the local authority provided busses to take you back to the car park at the beginning’


Amazing ancient ruins and tours available of this historic Biblical site.

Shiloh is the spot where the Tabernacle of Moses stood for 369 years after Joshua and the Children of Israel entered the Promised Land. It was here that Hannah brought Samuel as a child, to serve God, under the High Priest, Eli. This was the central gathering place of Joshua and the Jewish nation as they prepared for battle. New archaeological findings reveal the secrets of this ancient town.

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