Sharks Coming to Israel!

Jaws is on his way to the Holy Land!

The Times of Israel has a story today on how sharks are making their way to Israel.


“Dozens of sandbar and dusky sharks, which can reach up to three meters (10 feet) in length, are attracted to the Hadera plant that uses seawater to cool its turbines before discharging the warmer water back into the sea.

Images of the sharks have created a stir among Israeli divers seeking the ultimate thrill of swimming with the predators and taking pictures with them.

The Israeli Nature and Parks Authority and the Israel Diving Authority issued a warning to protect both the public and the sharks from close and potentially lethal encounters, noting that sharks are a protected species that cannot be fished, fed or harassed.”

You can read more here!

Let us know on the Facebook group if you spotted any!

You can also see sharks close-up at Dolphin Reef.




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