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Serpentine Trail in Mitzpe Ramon

There is a new paved, serpentine trail that leads from the KKL forest at the entrance to town to the edge of the Machtesh. It’s roughly 1/4 mile long. What’s special is that it’s paved with iridescent stones that glow in the dark. It’s like walking down the Milky Way to the crater’s edge. At the end there’s a surprise ( I won’t spoil it by telling you) and a great view of the Machtesh below. This effect is obviously only visible in the dark, but it looks like a nice walk in the day time. Benches and explanations posted along the way. You don’t need a flashlight but useful if you want to look around.

Photo Credit: SF HESS

This would be a great jaunt on the way to Eilat or a must experience if you’re staying in Mitzpe Ramon. Truly a wonder. Handicap accessible and strollers and carriages can be pushed on the somewhat pebbly surface.

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The start of the Milky Way trail is at the red pin, the entrance to the Sculpture Garden, Gan Hapsalim, on the right.

Temima Schnitzer Perlman:
We did this with kids aged 3, 7, 10. They loved it and so did we. Thank you!
Avi Noam Taub:
This was super cool. To help others find it -- to the right of the גן הפסלים sign park the car - look for the handicap parking signs. Then turn off the lights and walk to the edge of the parking lot and enjoy the starry ground all the way to the end and back.
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