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Saidels Simcha Workshop

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

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“Dear Friends, I want to once again say a big TODAH RABAH for having our group at your wonderful bakery yesterday. Everyone talked about the experience practically non-stop all the way back to Jerusalem, and the delicious aroma of the baked Challah filled both vehicles during our drive home. Your artisan bakery institute is a fabulous place and we are going to recommend it very highly.”


‘Are you looking for an incredible, fun activity for the girls? Introducing Saidel’s Bat Mitzvah Baking Workshops. Call us for more details and to book a date. Saidel’s Artisan Baking Institute ( is a pioneer in teaching and training of all things baking related in Israel. We travel the country teaching people how to bake challah’s, how to bake using sourdough, professional techniques for baking cakes and cookies, teaching people how to bake and eat healthily and much, much more. Our workshops are hands-on, highly informative and tons of fun, conducted by master baker Les Saidel, CEO of the institute and baking columnist for the Jerusalem Post. We have adapted some of our workshops especially for bat mitzvah groups, with the emphasis being fun and hands-on. 1. American Style Donuts It is one thing to buy a ready made donut, but MUCH more fun to make it from scratch. The girls will mix the dough, cut the donut shapes, fry the donuts, decorate them and obviously enjoy eating them. The workshop is jam packed with vanilla and chocolate glaze, blueberry, Boston cream, sprinkles, chocolate chips, strawberry jelly and more. It is fun from start to finish and the perfect activity that also doubles as a dessert. 2. Challah Baking The perfect activity for a bat mitzvah, combining the fun of baking with Jewish values. In the workshop we learn about the origin of the challah, the merits of separating challah from the dough, professional baking and braiding techniques to achieve excellent results first time. Besides being a fun filled activity, full of stories, humor and hands on baking, the girls will leave with a skill and appreciation for the most Jewish of breads. 3. Flatbreads from Around the World A virtual voyage across the globe as we explore different cultures from antiquity that continue to bake today as they did thousands of years ago. We bake Indian naan bread, Ethiopian injera, Middle Eastern pita and lafa, Mexican tortillas and more. This is a highly enjoyable activity that will add color to you event. The workshops may be conducted at any venue of your choosing, halls, private homes etc. OR at our institute. The advantage of having the workshop at our institute is that the girls get to see and experience a fully functional artisan bakery in action and the range of possible workshops is also wider. We can also work with you to tailor-make a workshop to suit the specific style, time frame and other parameters of your event. A Saidel’s baking workshop is an unforgettable experience, one that you will treasure for the rest of your life and a fantastic gift for your daughter and her guests.

Mazal tov!

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