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Saidel's Jewish Baking Center in your Home!

Over the many years of LoveLoveIsrael's growing community, a steadfast favorite has been the fun, informative and delicious workshops run by pro baker, Les Saidel of the Saidel's Jewish Baking Center.

Alas, corona has hit this pastime hard and sadly for us, and even more so for the Saidel family, we have not been able to join any workshops for many months, nor invite them to our smachot or other workshop events as they used to do.

That is why we are thrilled and honored to host Les Saidel for fabulous workshops this Hanukkah enabling you to join from ALL OVER the WORLD and enjoy Saidel's Donut Workshop in your own home!

In a jam-packed workshop, you will be doughing, dunking, decorating and devouring delectable, delicious American style donuts, oozing chocolate, vanilla, Boston cream, sprinkles..... ending with an Olympic style competition for the best decorated donut.

How will it work?

1. Sign up to one of the workshops on your chosen date by clicking here. Scroll down on the link to see all the dates available.

NOTE: The price is a truly special price especially for us, and is per household. The price is 99NIS (+small service fee). Make sure your friends and family also book to join, so that you can bake alongside each other - virtually! But they need to book their own ticket (please do not share the links or videos that you get)

2. You will receive a confirmation of your booking.

3. A few days before the workshop, you will receive an email with the list of ingredients you need to prepare for the workshop, and instructions for you to follow, to make Saidel's special recipe for the donut dough. This part, needs to be done the night BEFORE the live workshop.

4. On the day of your workshop, you will take the dough that you made the night before, and follow the live tutorial on creating the BEST home-made donuts you have ever made...just in time to light your Hanukkah candles and enjoy them with the family - or just yourself! YUM!!!!

This is a great chance to get together with your family at home and family abroad, doing something fun together (even though we are apart) PLUS we get a recipe and skill we can use again and again!!

Support this special Israeli small business and have a fabulous time!!

We cannot wait to see the results of the donut competition! Be sure to share your photos with us! #loveloveisrael and @loveloveisrael on Instagram! Or email us:

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