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Police Heritage Museum

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Beit Shemesh




Recommended by:

Dina Mann

We went to the new police museum near beit shemesh – בית מורשת משטרת ישראל. Was great! and free! Ages 3-65 enjoyed!


Translated from their website:

The new Israeli Police Heritage Museum opened to the public in April 2015, near the national police college near Beit Shemesh.

It presents visitors the story of the police in the Land of Israel, from the Hebrew preservation organizations in the late Ottoman period and the British police, through to the establishment of the Israeli Police and operations over the years upto the police as we know it today. The exhibition includes unique historical exhibits, which illustrate the development of policing its earliest days to the present, as well as multimedia presentations that contribute to the experience of the tour.

The police’s historical narrative is presented through holograms, films, reconstructions at crime scenes from the 50s, trivia games and more.

Apart from guided tours, Heritage House also offers lectures and seminars on topics related to the history of law enforcement and internal security in the country and a variety of learning activities on the preservation of law and the duties of the police in a democratic country.

During festivals and holidays they often have activities for children, including arts and crafts and the opportunity for children to try on police uniforms,  finger-prints, forensics demo, search dogs demo, vehicles, traffic surveillance equipment, bomb squad equipment and demo…

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