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Playmobil Kingdom at Jerusalem’s Botanical Gardens

This year, the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Jerusalem brings you the Playmobil Kingdom!

For the first time in Israel, the Playmobil Kingdom has arrived at the Botanical Gardens in Jerusalem with 25 giant Playmobil stations, fantasy games, challenging stations, obstacle paths and more. Let’s fly in the omega among the trees, ski in the snow, fight as knights in the castle and become your favorite heroes.

What is in the park?

Playmobil: 10 giant stations including a huge pirate ship, a real fire engine, a Mars space station, a police station with real police vehicles. A palace of princesses and fairies, and lots of play tables with the characters and favorites from Playmobil.

Nature and surounding areas: There are 7 stations including a water games area, a ground area where children can play, dig, sift and explore the types of land. A huge environmental sculpture “Our Roots” and of course the tropical greenhouse area that allows a glimpse into the magical botanical world of the tropical climate.

Extreme sports: 8 extreme sports stations including obstacle tracks, omega, swinging devices (trapezes, rings, ropes etc.), climbing walls, a spider web, and elevation tracks between the trees. And the adults have a police training facility with shooting games and Nerf guns.

Who is the park for? Every child or adult who has a small child inside and likes to play, imagine, climb, fly and jump. Payment is from the age of two years (young children must be accompanied by parents).

Opening  hours Sun-Thurs: 09:00-13:00 16:00-21:30 Last entry: 20:30

Friday: 09:00-13:00 Last Entry:  12:00

Closed on Shabbat

Open 23.7-31.8

Buy Tickets and more information here.

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