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Updated: Apr 3, 2020



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Talia Rose

Planet Teva in Beit Elazari – Is this the best kept secret or WHAT? It was amazing. We got there and saw butterflies before they went to sleep, with an explanation on it all. Then we saw goat milking – and kids can participate too. Then we went into the bird house and got to hold tukim (parrots) – it was so much fun. In addition to that there are play areas, bimbas and slides, a petting zoo and a little art project. My 1.10 month old didn’t want to leave, and neither did me or my parents. The owners were so nice, and it was shady, clean, contained and not crowded. We had so much fun.


Kids age 1.5+ need a ticket – 35 shekel

Adults 15 shekel

Petting zoo, learn about and see the butterflies, milk goats, play area, arts and crafts.


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