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Plan your Sukkot with LoveLoveIsrael: Shvil Hasalat

Plan Your Sukkot: Shvil Hasalat LOVELOVEISRAEL EXCLUSIVE!

Special English tours at Shvil Hasalat this Sukkot!

We have secured a really special price of only 40 shekel per head instead of the regular price of 50 shekel!!

It’s a really fun day out for the whole family. It is about a  2hr 30min experience, which will be a highlight of your Sukkot vacation!


You can read some reviews and get more details here!

Book Now!

And now, book your tickets before tours are sold out (they all sold out fast last time we did this!)

To see all the exclusive LoveLoveIsrael tours (given in English) click here!


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