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Plan Your Pesach: RE-GUSH ATV LoveLoveIsrael Exclusive!

Experience Israel like never before!

Re-Gush  Atv &  Jeep tour in Gush Etzion and the Jerusalem hills

We specialize in incredible tours, combining the FUN of ATV driving together with guides who can tell you fascinating things about the history of the area.

What you need to know:

  1. We can accommodate groups of any size, from age 2+

  2. You can choose guided tours of one hour, one and a half hours, and two hours using of a variety of ATVs

  3. Our ATVs are comfortable and SAFE

  4. Our vehicles are leaders in innovation and technology, and the quality of our vehicles is matched by our top-quality tour guides.

  5. The tour is run by fun and knowledgeable guides and includes stops for explanations and observations

  6. Tours depart from Alon Shvut in the Judean Hills about 25 minutes from Jerusalem

  7. We will journey through streams and springs and along enchanting paths.

  8. We will climb mountains and hills in a magnificent landscape, featuring the most beautiful and unique observation points in Gush Etzion!

  9. Cost: 150 per person

Email: or call 0504651888 to BOOK NOW FOR PESACH!

Visit for more details and check out LoveLoveIsrael reviews here!


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