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Plan Your Pesach: Israel Defense Academy (IDA) LoveLoveIsrael Exclusive!

LoveLoveIsrael is excited to be the first to tell you about Israel’s newest experience!

Have you ever wanted to meet real combat experts and Israeli defense specialists?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to shoot, how to defend yourself, how to protect yourself, how to fight?

The IDA is a recognized super professional school for security personnel – training professionals internationally, and groups regularly come from abroad to learn with them here in Israel, as well as training for Israel’s top security officers.

Now for the FIRST TIME, The IDA Academy invites YOU to experience and learn the Israeli method of security.  This activity is perfect for groups, families, work events and more!

Come and get a one-time glimpse into the most advanced security schools in the world. It will be an experience that you will remember for ever.

You will learn about the development process of “Israel’s Operational Security Approach” and the methods Israel uses to train people for security tasks in extreme and exhausting conditions.

You will experience our high level training and you will be able to talk with trainees and instructors who come from the best units of the State of Israel!

EMAIL: to book!


The official LAUNCH is taking place at the Herzliya Defense Training Facility on Tuesday 23rd March at 4pm!

Who is it for? IDA recommends age 8+. Ideal for teenagers and adults.

Where? The Launch is taking place in Herzliya. But if that is far from you – get a group together and they can run missions in Be’er Tuvia in the South or in the North at Yokneam as well!

Is it safe? Yes! Safety is the number one consideration at IDA. Under 18 year olds will only be allowed to shoot with air-soft. All the sessions are taught by knowledgeable and experienced experts.

Can it be done in English? For the launch all the trainers will be able to speak in English (or Hebrew) but the main language will be English.

How long is it for? You can choose from different options if you book for a different day. For this launch, the duration will be approximately 75 minutes.

How many people can you take? IDA has the facility to deal with very large groups – even 150 is perfectly doable. You will constantly be busy regardless of the number in the group!

What will you be doing at the launch? The Launch will offer you the exclusive  ‘Defense’ Mission – “תוכנית הגנה” .

The Defense Mission:

4pm – You must arrive promptly to start the introduction at 4pm. Time to get inspired!

4:20pm In honor of the launch, security instructors will give a full demonstration – don’t want to give anything away but it will be exciting!

4:40pm – Allocation of equipment.

4:45pm Your chance to learn basic skills and practice on a model base in preparation for a real enemy takeover.

The best in the group will perform the “Takeover” together with the Academy’s team of instructors.

All exercises will be done with AIR-SOFT equipment in full safety.

5:15pm – Mission Complete

There is an additional option to spend 35 minutes learning shooting and defense skills in the shooting range at an additional cost that you can book separately.

Cost? The final price will depend on the number of people who sign up. The more who sign up, the cheaper it will be. So hurry and get your friends to join you!

Just email to reserve your place and they will contact you to book.Number of peoplePrice Per person10-20145 ש”ח21-30125 ש”ח31 +110 ש”ח

Why not tell your (adult or teen) friends and book to come together for maximum fun and experience!!

For more ideas to help you tailor the right experience for your group, and to learn more about IDA – visit their listing here! You can also visit their website here.

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