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Pick Cherries in the Gush

Thanks to the cold weather this year, the cherries are in abundance and once again, this year, you are invited to pick your own cherries in the cherry farms of Gush Etzion!

Just bring water, hats, baskets and comfy clothes for picking!

הדובדבנים של דוד

David’s Cherries  052-3117079 , 02-9938632

May – you can pick sweet cherries. Mid-June – sour type of cherries.

Located next to Deerland. Put ‘הדובדבנים של דוד ירושלים’ in to Waze.

Picking starts May 12, 2017. Open Fridays 8:00-14:00

Call for prices.

פטל אצל אנטמן

Enteman’s Raspberries  052-8343922

You can pick raspberries, osana, various varieties of wood berries and sweet and sour cherries Located by Deerland.

Picking will start in June.

Price: 25 shekel to pick your own and eat while you are there. Cost for produce is 25 Shekel a kilo פטל אצל דויד סקוויאר

Raspberries at Daviv Sakwiyer  054-6700710

You can pick sweet cherries and red and black raspberries. New! For an aextra fee there will be children’s nature activities!

Located next to Gavna restaurant in old Mesuot Yitzchak.

Picking will start in June.

Call for price of picking.

Details can be found here

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