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Pesach Events 2016!

Pesach is getting nearer, with all the fun and holiday spirit that comes with it! Here are some of the best festivals taking place all over Israel this Pesach. We’ll update here as more things are announced!

In this article you will find:

  1. The BIG Festivals and Events!

  2. What’s FREE this Pesach?

  3. Other popular Pesach past time ideas!

  4. Pesach survival tips!

Geek Festival 

April 25-27 , 2016, Sacher Park, Jerusalem

For the first time in Israel – a science, technology and art open-air festival, the international sensation Geek PicNic!

The Geek PicNic celebration includes everything and anything that is geek chic – robotics, space, science and science fiction, 3d printing, VR, astounding tech breakthroughs, visionary scientific research and the latest and most innovative gadgets, all in an open-air park atmosphere, with numerous attractions happening simultaneously. Check out the listing here for more details. We are thrilled to tell you that LoveLoveIsrael has secured discounted tickets available until April 10th so click on the link to order now!LoveLoveIsrael

Discounted PriceFull PriceFamily Ticket (2 adults, 2 kids)374 NIS404 NISAdult Ticket124 NIS144 NISChild ticket (age 5+)104 NIS114 NIS

The international festival, presenting revolutionary scientific research, innovative technology and out-of-this-world art, is meant for multiple audiences – professionals in the various fields the festival explores, families who are interested with an educational and fun entertainment experience for all ages, and the many enthusiasts and fans of tech and gadgetry, science and science fiction, imagination and the future. The geek is chic!

This is Geek PicNic’s first foray outside of Russia. Israel – startup nation – was a simple choice to begin with, and Jerusalem, a technological powerhouse, a city that combines scientific and technological peaks of excellence and ingenuity, alongside a rich and profound backdrop of history and spirituality, was selected after careful consideration and examination of all the conditions the city can enable the festival to proceed and to grow.

Motor Extreme

Tuesday 26 April, Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv. 20:00

מוטור אקסטרים - פסח 2016

This is an hour and a half of breathtaking acts by incredible extreme riders. Jumps and crazy stunts in quads, vehicles on fire, lasers…

Join LoveLoveIsrael’s Facebook group for the opportunity to win tickets very soon!

Automotor – The Israel International Motor Show

April 24-27. 10-20:00 Tel-Aviv Convention Center

Automotor, Israel’s international motor show for the past 28 years, will include new launches, unveilings, new concepts / futuristic cars and excitement. This year’s motor show will carry the concept of ‘Motoric innovations’ and will include “The best in the world” alongside “legendary icons” in sports, design, innovative technology and more. More details here.

Extreme on Roller Skates!

April 19-20 

A futuristic musical for all the family – on rollerskates! Check out their website here.



Recommended for age 2+, this is a fantastic performance of the famous biblical story.

For tickets on April 21 in Kiryat Motzkin click here.

For tickets in Tel Aviv April 23-26 , click here.

Tickets in Haifa on April 27 can be bought here.

Get your tickets here for Beer Sheva on April 30.

Shanghai Circus

March 18 -April 9  in Haifa, April 15 -May 14  in Tel Aviv, May 20 – June

4  in Beer Sheva, August 5-30  in Netanya

Over 30 Chinese athletic artists combined with the rich music and sounds that capture the richness of China will perform a show that combines dance with hypnotic and complex stunts and tricks some of which are the most dangerous in the world and require concentration, strength and accuracy. The circus will give you a unique opportunity to experience the limits of the human body  – so amazing it will leave you sitting open-mouthed as you watch with wonder. For more information click here

The Rea

ction Circus

April 24-27,  2016 Jerusalem, First Train Station

70 minute performance, recommended for age 3+. Children of any age need a ticket. Buy tickets here.

Bravo Circus

April 13-17 2016 

1 Hr 15 minutes. Recommended for age 2+. Tickets needed for all ages.

Click here for tickets all over Israel.

The Super Pesach Super Striker Festival

April 25-27, Wohl Ampitheater, Ganei Yehoshua

Recommended for age 3+. Tickets include a show as well as lots of other fun activities: Human Fussball, learn how do

draw you own cartoon with a professional animator, be photographed in the Super Striker kit on a Super Striker set! There is also a scoring competition and a little princesses area for getting hair and make up done…no sexism at all here! Get your tickets

The Haifa Children’s Show Festival


April 24-26, Haifa.

As in the past years, Haifa will be putting on lots of shows for children at various Haifa venues. Tickets cost 50 Shekel. Buy tickets here.

The 17th Moshav Country Fair

April 25 2016, Moshav Mevo Modiim

11:30 – 21:00

Amazing Children Festival, Beautiful Arts & Crafts, Environment-hands on workshops, Women-tent-performances, teachings & workshops. Kosher le Pesach food (not kitni”ot).

50 NIS . adult, 25 NIS child, Family – 3 children or more under 18, 150NIS.

Click here for more details.

Secrets of Lost Time at Neot Kedumim

neot kedumim

April 24-27 from 9:00-17:00

Travel back in time to when nature was our only clock – when the sun, the moon and the animals told the time!

Watch a show ‘Hazman Nishtana’ – ‘Times have changed’, and a bewitching musical performance that will turn the audience into musical instruments. There will be pesach related crafts, adventure installations and ropes course, climbing wall, gymboree for younger children, petting zoo, pony rides (for added cost), ancient agricultural equipment such as a flour mill, oil press and a train ride tour (added cost).

What’s FREE this Pesach?

Map & Matza

April 26-27 2016 from 10:00-16:00

טוביה צפיר בצריף בן גוריון - צילום יוסי צבקר

Saba Tuvia at Sde Boker on 26 April 15:00

At 12 Heritage Sites across the country you can enjoy fun days out with tours and workshops all free of charge!

These include, water canal walk, workshops, face painting, games and puzzles and quizzes , bubbles, mud building, an exhibition of tractors, circus blocks, ride in a Tarzina and drumming circles. Sites will have workshops, tours, activities and diverse musical performances, including poetry performances, Israeli poetry and contemporary rock concerts. Among the artists participating in the festival: Yuval Dayan, Amir Benayoun, Shachar Ariel, Alma Zohar, Assaf Ashtar, Saba Tuvia and more. Each site will offer visitors the story and experience accompanied by dance, theater, music and workshops in all areas and for all ages, which will reflect an Israeli creation and Israeli history since the beginning of Zionism to today.

Jerusalem area: Rabbi Kook House | Hurva Synagogue | Kfar Etzion North:

עמיר בניון בבית כנסת החורבה - צילום ענת לוי

Amir Benayoun at the Hurva Synagogue, Jerusalem

Rakevet Haemek Kfar Yehoshua | Museum Circassian Kfar Kama | Palmach Cave South: Mizpe Gvulot | Negev Wells at kibbutz Alumim | Sde Boker Central Region: The White Tower, Ramla | Mikve Israel | Minkov Orchard| Rechovot The festival is in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Sport

Contact 08-6560469 for more information or check out their website.

Bank Hapoalim Free sites! Free April 24-28!

As in the past 11 years, Bank Hapoalim will be sponsoring free entry into the following 40 sites during Pesach 2016!

Be warned that these places are packed over Pesach so if you plan on going get up early and be the first ones there!!


Image courtesy of YNET

North: Ghetto Fighters House Museum 04-9958052 The International Family Galilee Sculpture Festival in Maalot 04-9578871 The Deer Forest 050-8723920 The Golan Antiquities Museum 04-6961350 Park Katzrin 04-6962412 The Umm El Fahem Art Gallery 04-6315257 Museum Otzrot Bechoma 04-991104 The Robotic Dairy 054-4962656 Museum of Art at Ein Harod 04-648 5701

Haifa Region:

Tikootin Museum of Japanese Art 04 838 3554

Haifa Art Museum 04 9115997

The Janco Dada Museum (in Ein Hod) 04-9842350 Haifa Zoo – 04-8372886 (open 10am – 3pm) The National Maritime Museum in Haifa 04-8536622 The Haifa City Museum 04-9115888 The Mane Katz Museum 04-911 9372 Hermann Struck Museum 04-6359962 The Wilfred Museum of Israeli Art 04-9899566

Central Israel:

Tel Aviv Museum of Art 03-6077000

The Yitzchak Rabin Center 03 7453358/*4585

Design Museum, Holon 073 215 1500

Petach Tikva Art Museum 03 9286300 The Diaspora Museum 052-6130503 The Nachum Gutman Museum of Art 03-5161970 Museum of Israeli Art – Ramat Gan 03-7521876 Igoodan Visitors Center 03 9555222 The Rishon L’Zion Museum 03-9598862 The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center 03-5339278The ‘Chan’ Museum, Hadera 04-6324562


Yad LaShiryon, Latrun 08-9784302 The Bible Lands Museum 02-5611066

The Museum of Islamic Art 02 566 1291

Hasmonean Aqueduct Tour *6033 The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens 02-6794012 The Menachem Begin Heritage Center 02-5652018 The Ariel Center – Historic Jerusalem (First Temple Period) 02-6286288


Art Museum Monart Center, Ashdod 08-8545180

Puppet Museum, Arad 052 2398918

Glass Museum, Arad 08 99533388

Museum of Philistine Culture – 08-6224799

The Museum of Water and Security at Kibbutz Nir Am 050-9672874

The Joe Alon Center for Bedouin Culture 08-9913322 Chai Negev – Ecological Village 08-6562688 The Eilat Municipality Museum – 08-6340754

Other popular Pesach past times:

Crafts and Nature:

Soos Agala (center) – a hidden gem and a unique experience away from crowds – The Guinness Book of Records winners for the biggest wooden

rocking horse invite you to create your own handmade carpentry table decorations as well as many other wooden toys at special Pesach workshops during Pesach. They help you every step of the way and you will take home a fabulous creation of your own. Read

reviews here and book before you go! They are running workshops from 14-30th April (closed on Shabbat) and is suitable from age 4-13yrs.

Kedma Flower picking (image below) was super popular last year. Not too crowded, most of you thought it was beautiful and a lovely activity for all ages. Note that they have moved to Beer Tuvia. Click on the link for more details. Be sure to go at Pesach or before as the crowds over Pesach certainly depleted a lot of the flowers by the end. Oh, and don’t forget to visit the Ben & Jerry’s outlet store nearby for some great KLP ice cream!


Ein Yael is always a success (and always busy so again, be the first one there!) and has plenty to keep a variety of ages happy. Ancient style workshops including mosaics, weaving, pottery and more.


Gan B’Ivrit in Rishon Lezion was the most popular park over Pesach in the past two years. So many of you went and enjoyed the lovely park which has a few well shaded playground areas aimed at different age groups, working water sprinklers (even though it is April), plenty of picnic areas, bike paths, a small kiosk and a maze all themed with the Hebrew letters/language. Other popular parks were Park Herzliya, Park Kfar Saba, Park Anabe in Modiin, Park Ashdod, the playgrounds at Namal Tel Aviv and the Zichron Yaakov sensory Park.


Free, fun and perfect at this time of year – especially as they are still a novelty for everyone.


Ramat Gan Safari – again, you want to avoid arriving with the crowds as this is an extremely popular activity but even though some of you queued a long time to get in, everyone seemed to have positive feedback about their visit. I personally think that if you can go you again when it is emptier you will enjoy it even more so don’t rule out going back there soon!

The Biblical Museum of Natural History in Beit Shemesh has had great reviews. It will be open from 9am during Chol Hamoed and runs tours every hour and a half. You need to book a tour.

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo has some interesting events this Pesach and for all of April. You can even book special dusk tours that

includes special behind the scenes tours where you can meet a tigress and learn about the lions, visit giraffes and elephants and learn how to feed them, learn about their day and how they are looked after. As the sun sets you will see their evening routines. 17,18,19th April (each day is a different animal so ask when you call to book a tour 02 6750116).

Throughout Pesach there will be a special Balloon show, and you can watch animals being fed as well as see how elephants are trained.

Note that you can park in The Technological Park at Malcha and there will be a shuttle that can take you to the zoo when the zoo car park is too full.

Davida’s Farm is always popular with young children and is often recommended for a fun (and a little bit smelly) day out!

Indoor fun:

Dov Halavan – (Center/North-Emek Hefer) – A great fun indoor ext

reme sports and circus tricks. Suitable for all ages as well as adults. You will have a great time here with special extras especially for Pesach holidays. If you get there later in the day call ahead to ensure they have space…25% off for

IJump – an amazing trampoline arena and a firm favorite. Especially good for a short energetic activity out of the sun. Great for all ages but call before you go in case waiting times are too long! LoveLoveIsrael cardholders get 20% off at the Petach Tikva Branch and a new branch opens on April 15th in Rishon Lezion! LoveLoveIsrael cardholders will get 20% off there too!

Funtopia and Boulderland – these are great extreme fun for a big range of ages. While Funtopia is aimed at younger ages with great fun themed walls to climb, the older kids and teens can push themselves at Boulderland under the same roof! A new branch has just opened in Rishon Lezion too!

Escape Rooms – This is the in-craze with over a hundred of these challenging ‘rooms’ all over Israel. If you haven’t been to one, we highly recommend you do! The rooms are all themed differently but they all have the same idea – you have to work out how to get out the room within an hour, solving clever clues and challenges as a small team. Great for teens and adults. We have lots listed here and recommend ‘Book Escape Room‘ to easily find a ‘room’ available when you want one!

Survival Tips!!

  1. Bring hats and plenty water for everyone – it can get very hot over Pesach! Depending on where you are visiting, it might be wise to bring changes of clothes too.

  2. Get to free and National Park events as early as you can – in fact everywhere will get very busy. To find parking easily and enjoy the sites before they are crowded, it is worthwhile being the first to arrive!

  3. Don’t forget to pack your matza sandwiches and collect any trash you make, keeping our country beautiful.

  4. Some hikes may not be stroller friendly but you could carry babies in slings/on your back.

  5. Many events will have food stalls (some will be kosher for Pesach) or craft stalls with unexpected costs so be aware and bring money in case your children want to do these things.

  6. While there are many things to do, don’t forget to make the most of this amazing family time and relax and enjoy and take lots of photos to capture the memories!! Feel free to share your experiences and photos on our Facebook group!

Happy Pesach!!

For more ideas and to review please take a look around at!

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