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Pesach at the Tuly Eden Inn Hotel in Zichron

Pesach in Israel with Gabi

Last rooms available for chol hamoed and the last days at the

Tuly Eden Inn Hotel in Zichron Yaakov!

  • Half board chol hamoed and full board shabbat/chag.

  • Zichron Yaakov Kashrut - Mehadrin.

  • Prices start for 2 nights: half board at 2900 shekel per couple.

  • Tiyulim , entertainment for all the family , shuirim and lectures.

  • Outdoor pool. Great family atmosphere. Lots of outdoor spaces.

  • Follows strict Covid -19 regulations.

  • HURRY and reserve the last places!

  • Email:

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Gabi Hammer at the Eden Inn Hotel


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