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Pesach 2021 - the List of Possibilities!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

While it is not exactly what we were used to BC (Before Covid), there are many things going on around the country for you this Passover. Most places and attractions are open but require booking in advance.

Keep checking back for updates!

Included in the list below:

1. Shows

2. Exhibitions

3. FREE: Bank Hapoalim Free sites, Ministry of Tourism List

4. Museums with special events

5. National Parks

6. Hiking Ideas

7. Workshops

8. Stay at home options

9. Popular LoveLoveIsrael group past times - including Blessing of Cohanim

1. Shows/ Events

Where? Raanana - Raananim Mall, minus 1 in the 'Yaar'

When? 28/3-3/4

Ages? 2-10 yrs

Details: Purple Standard

Where? Moshav Netaim

When? 29/3-3/4

Details: Ninja, climbing wall, crafts, toddler area, petting zoo, orange picking and squeezing and more.

Where? Yishpro Center, Modiin

When? 21/3- 4/4

Details: Ninja and ropes course, Gymboree, Lego, inflatables, carousel, PlayStation, films, face paints and more.

Where? Roof of the Azrieli Center

When? 29/3-4/4

Details: Ninja, pedal carts, mini golf, giant Lego stations and more...

2. Exhibitions

Where? Park Peres, Holon

When?22/3 - 31/5

Details: Magnificent exhibition, which contains 2,000 of the artist's works, spread over 1,000 meters

Where? Terminal Complex (Old Airport) Eilat

When? 24/2 - 31/5

Details: The exhibition features over fifty different dinosaur exhibits in a space designed as a tropical forest with an original soundtrack in the background that simulates a dream jungle experience.


Attractions return to Israel! You can sign up to free tours at National Parks around the country and look up attractions and visitor centers around the country (Hebrew)

4. Museums with special exhibits for Pesach time

Fun, Pesach themed science activities!

Build pyramids, turn water into blood, discover the secret of light plus quizzes with prizes to do with science and the Hagadah!

Why Is this Passover Different? Come to the Israel Museum and Find Out!

Activities for the whole family during Passover.

Children and teens are invited to create their OWN artwork inspired by the Museum’s artworks and bring them to the Israel Museum during Passover. The works will be displayed in a huge exhibition, and the artists will receive a Young Israel Museum Artist certificate, as well as a souvenir photograph and a discount voucher for Teddy’s Code activity kit.

You can get inspriration from Hagaddot or other views - for inspiration, click here!

Free entrance for children

After ten years of planning and construction, the largest Jewish museum in the world is opening its doors. You’re invited to join a fascinating journey that portrays the story of the Jewish people through the generations and up to the present time. The Museum represents all parts of the Jewish people and highlights the creative works and cultural riches of a variety of communities in different periods of history. This story is about all of us and each and every one of us is part of it. You need to book your visit online.

Planetanya - goes "To Space" this Pesach

Suitable for age 4 and up. Click here for details - must book

You must reserve your timeslots at the National Parks. Hurry and do it now, as spaces will run out.

We recommend to keep checking for cancellations if there is somewhere you really want to visit!

LoveLoveIsrael Top Tip: Despite the reservation requirement, places will be busy. Get there early to avoid crowds and traffic.

6. Hiking Ideas

Ein Tina in North Israel Photo: David Felberg

Check out these helpful lists!

7. Workshops/ Tours

During the tour you will learn about the first pioneering settlements in the Negev, heritage and technological advancement

You will observe the most up to date agricultural technologies - “high tech” of agriculture

You will see a “green” lifestyle, recycling, connection to nature in an agricultural region

The tour includes tasting and picking from the plants

You will meet homing pigeons and learn how they were used during the War of Independence.

This Pesach and Independence Day season you can ScaVenture from anywhere in the world, with anyone in the world!

There is also an awesome Experiential Guidebook available for purchase, and you can guide your own ScaVenture.

Limited slots left for Pesach and Yom HaÁtzmaut for both online and offline ScaVentures - now is the time to book.

If Covid robbed you of your chance to explore the streets of Tel Aviv, now is the time to book one of Yael Aisenthal - Creative Tours & Photography 's renowned graffiti tours!

It's the ultimate interactive family activity for this Pesach.

New graffiti, new artists, new scavenger hunt.

Graffiti workshop and not forgetting graffiti SPRAY!

Order DIY kits to your home!

Great for family events, birthdays and smachot! Or, Elisheva will come to you to do the workshop!

Taking bookings now! Booking up Fast.

Pre-Pesach & Chol Hamoed family (or friends) mosaic workshops. Three hour sessions from March 21-25th and Chol Hamoed : 150₪ per person. Up to seven participants per session. Based in Katamon, Jerusalem. See some of Roochie’s incredible work and details here!

Call: 0547802403

Hadara’s workshop works with wet clay, making functional and decorative pieces, sculptures, Judaica and whatever (and as many) as you want!!

Great fun and perfect for families and friends!

Outdoor Studio in Jerusalem.

Corona Safe! You must book in advance.

Open any time it suits you!! Home kits also available. Click here for more details.

The perfect activity for any event! They offer Virtual AND Live (in-person) events! For virtual events, they even deliver all the supplies to you!

Holiday Parties (PERFECT for Chol Hamoed), Staff TEAM-BUILDING, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Family/Friends get-togethers, Date nights and more!! Art Classes

For more information WhatsApp or call 054-2182799

8. Stay at home options

If you prefer to stay at home, many of the workshops above offer kits that you can order and do at your own leisure at home, following their instructions.

9. Popular LoveLoveIsrael group past times

You need to reserve and book you timeslot - you cannot just turn up this year!

The Sign up form is here! They will add more dates as long as they still have flowers left to pick!

Price for first bunch is 60 shekel.

Why is this so popular? The flowers are beautiful and the kids and adults alike love picking them and you will get some stunning photos!!

This is a wonderful place for young children,located near Netanya. You must book online as with most activities since COVID. Click here for their booking form. It reopens on 28/3

Check their FB for more details but they are due to reopen on election day!

Full details still to come but this is usually a popular place to visit during Pesach - with lots of fun arts and crefts ativities. Check their Website and Facebook for updates.

Click here for detailed list of things going on in the Golan ( Booking required)

Every year in the Western Wall plaza, "Birkat Cohanim" is held every Passover and Sukkot, with the participation of many hundreds of priests and tens of thousands of Jews from Israel and the Diaspora who take part in this great ceremony.

This year, there will two sessions to allow more people the chance to join. The Western Wall Foundation asks that you only come once. In addition, it will be broadcast live online for all!

Monday - 16 Nissan, March 29 and Tuesday - 17 Nissan, March 30

Morning prayer: 8:45

First Priestly Blessing (Shacharit): 9:15

Musaf prayer: 10:10

Second Blessing of Priests (Musaf): 10:15

Attending this year: the Chief Rabbis of Israel - Rabbi Yosef Shlita and Rabbi Lau Shlita, and the Western Wall Rabbi and the Holy Places Gershom Rabinowitz Shlita, Minister of Religions Rabbi Yaakov Avitan and Mayor of The City of Jerusalem Mr. Moshe Leon.

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