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Passover Parks Strike is OFF!

We are relieved to tell you that the proposed strike has been cancelled! Phew!

Why is this Passover different from all other years?

News is breaking that staff of the National Parks and Nature Authority will be launching a strike right in the middle of Pesach. Israel’s parks draw hundreds of thousands of tourists over Passover but this year, it looks likely that a strike will take place on April 12-13.

It comes as talks broke down with the Histadrut Labor Union over employee remuneration and conditions. The strike includes all employees of the Authority including senior management, all the support units, daily employees, site workers, rescuers, staff members and all the supervisory personnel.

We’ll keep an eye on this. Hopefully, they’ll be a positive result so the parks can turn to all of us and say: “Let My People Go!”

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