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Park Brittania

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Beit Shemesh


Recommended by:

Gila Leibtag-Rose

‘Park Britannia has a great hike – a very family friendly maslul. Also amazing columbarium you can go into. Some nice ruins as well. If I’m remembering correctly, there may have been a part with a flashlight-only underground hike, which we did not have with us so we had to skip. We had a great day there.’


The British Park extends over some 40,000 dunam (approx 10,000 acres) of the Judean Plain, including planted forest, natural woodland, archaeological sites, landscapes and a variety of flora, and it is in the forefront of the ecological struggle to conserve open spaces in central Israel. With the help of its Friends in Britain, KKL-JNF has landscaped the park with footpaths, scenic routes, hiking trails, scenic lookouts and areas for recreational activities. Its archaeological sites have been made accessible and have been incorporated into the other routes and amenities.

Special sites in the park: Tel Azeka (where David fought Goliath), Hurvat Shikalon, Mitzpe Masua, Tel Goded, the Luzit Caves, `Iyye Kidon (“Kidon Ruins”).

How to get there: British Park has a number of entrances:

1. The north gate is about a kilometer to the west of the Azeka Junction (Route no. 383). 2. Via Mitzpe Masua (Route no. 38, adjacent to kilometer marker no. 7). 3. From the park’s Scenic Route, which crosses the Srigim-Agur road (Route no. 353), adjacent to kilometer marker no. 23. 4. From opposite the entrance to Moshav Nehusha (Route no. 38) a dirt track ascends to Hurvat Tzura. 5. From west of Kibbutz Beit Guvrin, near the sheikh’s tomb – the road that links Route no. 35 to Route no. 353.

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