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Park Ashdod

Updated: Apr 1, 2020




Recommended by:

Elana Kohn

“Took my kids to the new park in Ashdod (“Park Ashdod Yam”). I wanted a close, free activity- and it was great! There was nothing to pay for there if I wanted to (didn’t even have a ice cream stand yet!) The park is new, so will still be developing, but for now, there is a really amazing playground with a lot of unique equipment and a nice sized sand area. This is the only shaded area around, so it was very crowded, especially because it is “Bein Hazmanim.” My kids still had a blast. There is also exercise equipment, an acoustic park that makes music, and courts for basketball and soccer. Next time maybe we’ll bring a ball! There is a man-made lake there that will have boating, but for now it is pretty to look at, and at night it has a fountain that lights up, if you stay late enough. There is a mostly clean bathroom, and picnic tables. We were only there for the afternoon, but I definitely could have stayed a while longer had I brought dinner. I would recommend parking in lot #8, as it is stroller friendly and right near the playground. It is really hot there in the unshaded areas, but by 6:30 it would have been pleasant to picnic there. There is a nice smooth area for skating/ riding scooters, and you can fly kites there or bring sand toys for more fun. Eventually I think there will be mini-golf there and restaurants, but I saw no signs of that yet.”(2015)



Directions: take the southern entrance to Ashdod, and drive straight until the end, by the beaches. At the big traffic circle with the “arches” make a right, and you will see the parking lot on your left side. Turn at the first traffic circle, and park in lot #8. Enjoy! (The park is right near the beach, so you can combine it with a day at the beach, though you will be pretty hot and tired by the end)

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