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Our IDF – 70 Years of Innovation of the IDF

The IDF is marking the 70th anniversary of its foundation with a special, once in a generation exhibition, called ‘Our IDF’. The exhibition is open to the public and is free of charge. Among the contents of the exhibition are a spectacular audiovisual display, special interactive activities for all the family, performances from the IDF’s bands, sailing on boats, unveiling of new equipment, sections about the land, naval, and air forces, special areas exploring the human mind and technology, and many other attractions.

When & Where?

The exhibition is being jointly run by the IDF and the Ministry of Defense, and will take place on 20-27 September 2018 at the Holon Toto Hall.  Perfect Sukkot activity! It will enable visitors to take part in a unique and moving journey through the IDF’s history, from its foundation until the present day.

Participants receive a personalized and interactive ‘military ID card’ on entry, which will accompany them throughout the exhibition. Using the card can score points in the exhibition’s various activities and at the end of the journey each participant will find out which role in the IDF best suits them.

The event is free, but to enter the exhibition, you must register beforehand on the IDF website: 

Head of the Technological and Logistics Directorate, Maj. Gen. Itzik Turgeman:

“The IDF is an inseparable part of Israeli society. Throughout the 70 years of its existence it has been a part of every home, and defends every home. We are proud to put on an exhibition which presents the strength of the IDF and the security apparatus throughout their 70-year history. I invite you to get to know the variety within the IDF and to make the most of a fascinating family experience during the Sukkot holiday.”

Information about the exhibition:

• The exhibition is operated by the Logistics Division within the IDF’s Technological and Logistics Directorate, in conjunction with all the Directorates and Corps within the IDF, and the Ministry of Defense. • The exhibition will be spread out across the entire area of the Holon Toto Hall, which spans 11.5 dunam. • Approximately 250 hours were devoted to building and setting up the exhibition, not including the various decorations which are being produced separately in workshops. • The exhibition is built of several areas, including a time tunnel “From 1948 to 2018”, a display of the IDF’s history and five dimensions (air, sea, land, human mind and technology), interactive displays and game corners, a section of AFVs and a section for sailing boats. • The exhibition will make extensive use of display screens, of which there will be over 100, of different sizes. • At the exhibition, visitors can try out over 20 different games and interactive apps, including robots, flight simulators, boat construction, parachuting simulators, a book about military heritage, and the Intelligence Directorate’s interactive game.

At the exhibition, the following military equipment will be presented to the public for the first time:

  1. The Eitan APC: APC (armored personnel carrier) which travels on wheels. It is notably fast, lightweight, and very sophisticated. The APC was created in 2016 and instead of using tracks it is equipped with wheels. It is still in developmental stages, and is expected to be incorporated into the IDF’s units. At the moment there are two models of this type which are currently in their final stages of development, which are expected to be integrated into IDF units in 2020. Data: speed- 90 km/h; weight- 30-35 tons; height- 2.5 meters; length- 8 meters; width- 3 meters.

  1. The Namer APC-Merkava: a heavy APC based on the Israeli Merkava tank, upon which specifically designed systems have been constructed. The Namer was originally intended to be a combat vehicle for the Infantry Corps, which stands out through its qualities of defensive protection and maneuverability, and is a pioneer within the family of heavy AFVs. The Namer entered operational use in 2008 and is currently operated by the Golani Brigade. It is expected to enter operational use in the Givati Brigade in 2019. Data: speed- 54 km/h; weight- 60 tons; height- 2.5 meters; length- 9 meters; width- 3.93 meters.

  1. Regel Etz (Wooden Leg): an innovation that was developed specifically for the Special Forces. The development is based on the Landrover Defender vehicle, which suits the needs of the Special Forces on the ground. It was developed through a military project aimed at providing vehicles that can be transported by airplanes and helicopters. The vehicle provides a creative and important solution in complex operational realities, and possesses the ability to provide storage on a helicopter as well as standing up to combat conditions. The vehicle can carry over 10 soldiers, depending on the model and according to differing combat methods. Data: weight- over 2 tons; width- 1.80 meters; height- 1.90 meters.

  1. Mini Typhoon – an advanced weapons set designed for use in the various units of the Israeli Navy. The Mini Typhoon is remotely operated by a navy soldier. The system is equipped with observational features for accurately tracking targets and algorithms which allow accurate shooting towards the anticipated target, which maneuvers and moves with speed. Stabilizers enhance the stability of the cannon, and guarantee accurate firing against any threat at any time. The system was developed and produced in Israel and entered operational use in 2008, and forms part of the range of accurate weapons which is currently deployed by the Israeli Navy.

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